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The Premature Sexualization Of Girls In The Media

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Magazines, Internet, radio, music videos, music lyrics, and other types of mainstream media relentlessly portray sexualized images of women that not only promote narrow and unrealistic ‘standards’ of physical beauty, but seem to endorse, glorify and encourage them. We are almost back to the 1950’s, where women were seen merely as a sex object. Horrifyingly the media is now broadening their attacks and promotions of sex to teenagers and young girls. A report created by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA), attest that there are many short term and long term physical, emotional and psychological effects of the premature sexualisation of teenagers and young ...view middle of the document...

And what a surprise that the media industry is controlled by male dominated businesses, Katy Perry may have kissed a girl, but that is only because men thought they could make money out of it. This is because of the Pre-Programed nature to respond to sexual imagery; it is so powerful that advertisers have been using it for almost 100 years.
Women are seen through the eyes of the music industry as little more than sex objects; causing them to feel of no worth, leading to extremely dangerous long term mental illnesses and eating disorders. Music lyrics/video is a key source of messages that advocate and encourage drinking, smoking, drug abuse, sexuality, sex-role stereotyping, sex and violence. Exposure to music videos, has also been correlated with early uptake of sexual activity. (AMCA, 2014)
On any given day, 70% of Australian children listen to approximately an hour of radio programs. The media promotes, if not establishes, a standard of beauty that leads many females to feel badly about their weight and shape. (Rutherford, L. , Bittman, R. et al, 2005.). In Australia the highest amount of sexual content legally available to children in music and music videos. “44%-81% of music videos contain sexual imagery”, especially the presentation of women in provocative and revealing clothing, emphasising their bodies and “sexual readiness”, and using women as “decorative objects that dance and pose” (APA, 2010)
Advocates responsible for the sexual education of Australian children are less concerned with preventing early and unwanted sexualisation, and more concerned with minimizing disease and potential harms after sexual activity (Rutherford, L. , Bittman, R. et al, 2005.).

What effect does the premature sexualisation of girls have on the stakeholders?
- Children are viewing the content
- Parents upset
- Broadcasting companies not changing, even with thousands of complaints from concerned parents
- Broadcasters are not being penalised, or not heavily enough
- Effects such as premature sexual relations, self-esteem issues

Stakeholders Gain if they do end sexualisation. Lose if they don’t end sexualisation.
Government - A good reputation
- Popularity
- Lose $$ - Popularity
- Reputation-
Standards Board - Popularity
- Reputation
- Lose $$ - Popularity
Parents - Control over what their children are viewing
- Peace of mind about what their children are viewing
- Peace of mind about the safety of their children, RE. rape/sexual assault
- - Control over what their children are viewing
- Peace of mind about what their children are viewing
- Peace of mind about the safety of their children, RE. rape/sexual assault
- Lose their children
Children/teenagers - Stable mental state
- Confidence in their selves
- Trust in society
- Trust in men, young and old
- Trust in their parents
- Better role models- - Defined by narrow standards of “beauty”
- Mental state become unstable
- Trust in society and men
- Rape
- Rape is okay-
Community/Society - Rape is...

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