The Existence Of God (Or Lack Thereof)

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There is no god. There is merely an ignorant explanation of what we do yet not know. The human being's naturally inquisitive nature forces us to make explanations for what we do not know. This inquisitive nature forces people to want an answer to everything and when they cannot explain it logically they must find a way they can explain it, thus the development of a supernatural being. People now have a category for phenomena that they cannot explain, they call it "god". Believing in a god is one's own inability to accept the fact that there are things that people cannot explain, and one's lack of foresight on seeing that one day we will be able to explain these unknown things through science.Science will eventually kill god. Just as it killed beliefs that the world was flat and at the center of the universe. The fact that we cannot explain definitively through scientific thought how the universe was created does not mean that we will never be able to explain this. To think that we will never be able to explain happenings such as the creation of the universe shows a incredible amount of both unjustified doubt and ignorance. I over heard one women saying that she didn't think that there should even be scientist working on how the universe was created, they should jus accept the fact that God created it. This is a perfect example of the ignorance, and the fallacy of the logic that organized religion can spread. Religion encourages a sheep mentality that humans are stupid and we need some "greater being" to guide us. Psalm 23 states this outright saying "the Lord is my shepherd". people have the ability to think and reason for them selves, they should use this ability, not squander it by taking everything they hear as truth.If there was a god who was all powerful and all loving why allow the suffering of so many people every day. What makes me so special that I was born in the United States and have never know a day of hunger or true suffering. Why do I get this life while there are people all around the world that all they know for their whole life is pain and suffering. People that live there life eating dirt and disease infested water, where is God in these people's lives. If God has the power to create life and heal the sick, and if God loves us as much as the "New Testament" of The Bible would have us believe, why does he not use his power to help those who suffer. Some would say that this suffering only lets appreciate heaven that much more when we get there, they say people's suffering here is only temporary. If that is the case then why does the person who suffer his or her whole life get to appreciate heaven so much more than some one who has a happy life. This shows an inequity in religion and a huge hypocrisy in The Bible which states that "all men are...

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The Existence of God Essay

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2245 words - 9 pages premises, but because god can be some how directly encountered or immediately perceived. It is further argued that experience of god is your reason for believing in Him even for those people who lack belief. b) So what of those sober minded people who claim to have an experience of God so does it point conclusively to the existence of god? Certainly one must allow for the possibility that it does. But on the other hand

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1059 words - 4 pages since "that which does not exist comes into being by something that exists"(Knowledge, 134). And, as we saw in relation to movers and to causes, so we cannot but postulate the existence of some being having of itself its own existence and not receiving it from another, but rather causing in others their existence. Thus, one may observe evidence of the existence of "god". Comparisons between things using "more" or "less" show that there must

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1100 words - 4 pages Proving the Existence of God A Comparison of St. Thomas Aquinas St. Thomas Aquinas is one of the greatest theologians that has ever been. He recognized that there were some people who doubted the existence of God because, to them, logic did not allow for or explain God's existence. Being a devout Christian, he naturally believed in God, but he wanted to prove God's existence to those who could not accept things on faith alone. As a

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670 words - 3 pages understand such a concept, as that of a God.Since the dawn of time, we may have changed our allegiance from different entities, in terms of accepting them as God (or Gods) but yet we have remained focused on one thing: the existence of a Divine entity. There is no doubt in my mind, that as we are progressing in the 21st century, a time will arise, when everybody will have their own definition of God and moreover, a hypothesis for His existence, or the lack of it. So to simply put it, we wouldn't be progressing, we would be regressing.

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1710 words - 7 pages The Argument for the Existence of God It is an undisputed fact that some people claim to have experienced God. It is these religious experiences that have been used by philosophers to argue for the existence of God. The main way of expressing the argument from religious experience is as follows: P1 Someone experiences an entity C1 The entity exists P2 Someone has experienced God C2 God exists Those

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