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The Presentation Od Friar Lawrence In Romeo And Juliet By William Shakespeare

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"Romeo and Juiliet" is a play written by renound author William Shakepeare. The story is bound around a pair of star-crossed lovers who long to be together. However, from Shakepeares prologue, we know it is never going to be a happy ending, the play unfolds a tragedy.

In this play I will be mainly focusing on act 4 scene one, looking at "How Friar Laurence is presented" whether it be through; language, plot, relationships or his character. I will also be making comparisons between Zefferelli and Lurnman film versions looking at their interpretations of shakepeare's "Romeo and Juliet"

One way the friar is presented is through his character as being wise and knowledgable.The Friar is ...view middle of the document...

When speaking to Juliet about his "remedy" he makes it clear how he thought of this plan almost showing off his idea "I'll send a firar with speed to Mantua, with my letters to thy lord."

Shakepeare suggests the Friar being presented as an apothecary (a person who prepared and sold medicines and drugs)Refering to act two,scene three; the Friar is examining varieties of plants.His knowledge of their different properties suggest to the reader that this may be used to help Juliet in a last resort.In act 4 scene one this is then proven he hands over a drug that will put Juliet to sleep for "two and forty hours."The Friar is presented as being very deperate in this situation as he has not been able to find an alternative plan, despite trying his best.In a last pray for hope he puts forward his absurd idea of giving her the potion, which himself and the audience are unsure if it will even work. This may also lead them to think this could potentially be the cause of Juliets death ,when in the end there is a far more simpler reason for the plans fail; lack of communication.

Above all, he is presented as being reckless and impulsive in his actions, not thinking of the concequences.It could be argued that this was partially triggered by the sense of haste for the couple to get married..An example of this is when the Friar marries the two in secret, he does this very hastly without second thought"In one respect I’ll thy assistant be,For this alliance may so happy prove To turn your households' rancor to pure love."Should he not of talked to the parents of the lovers first?He also speaks to the couple telling them to slow down "Wisely and slow; they stumble that run fast"This is ironic as the Friar always does things hastly never fully using his common sense.This cause of haste is seen to be sped up in the Luhrman version.When in the Friar's cell in Act 4 Scene one, the trigger of haste is the gun which Juliet puts to her head threatening to kill herself.However in the Zefferelli there is no weapon, instead the Friar spots the herb basket scattered on the side, this triggers his decision.From the two comparisons there is slight changes to the triggers of haste .

The Friar is suggested by Shakepeare to be brave.His bold actions, he knows will most definatly lead to execution.However, still follows forward with his plan to end the feud and save the marraige in act 4 scene 1.However fate was always against him.It may also be suggested that Frair Laurence did show signs of cowardness.In act 5 scene 3 he deserts "Rome and Juliet" in the family vault."I dare no longer stay."This could be a sign of pride; the Friar doesn't want the outside world knowing of his envolment with the couple. from an audience perspective we would usually associate a man of his position helping and serving others.In this case not.This also highlights his self-importance once again.

In the Zefferilli version the Friar repeats "I dare no longer stay" three times.This is...

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