The Preservation And Repetition Of Musical Sounds Through Recording Technologies Has Changed The Social Significance Of Music For The Better"

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Thomas Edison's invention of the phonograph in 1887 immortalized the technologically reproduced sound and music and opened new doors for change in the social significance of music. But is this change for the better or for the worst. Many might argue that the invention is of great importance as it is credited to have recorded some of the world's most important speeches and music; it brought music to the masses. The accessibility creates another kind of music culture that will permit the normal person from a lower social group to gain access to 'art' music. The appreciation of music especially classical music that was initially only appreciated by the upper class but is now is accessibly to everyone. The level of music appreciation changes drastically. This paper will argue that the recording technology gave music increasing prominence in society. For the purpose of argument, this paper will focus on jazz and classical music and how because of technology, creates the culture of mass distribution on the internet. I agree that recording is for the better. The dawn of the 20th century saw tumultuous change in the world as ground-breaking inventions and technological advances revolutionalized the way people lived their lives. The world of music experienced no less change.The invention of the recording medium contributed in the development of music. From the diversity of music categories that run from rock to easy listening to dance music to a more complex art music. It also includes a multitude of artists. On the complex side of the scale are the categories known as jazz and classical music. Some of the most accomplished musicians of our time have devoted themselves to a lifelong study of Jazz or Classical, and a few exceptional musicians have actually mastered both.A comparison of classical and jazz music will yield some interesting results pertaining to the impact of recording technology on the appreciation of the competency of jazz and classical composers and performers. The recorded medium is primarily used for the reproduction and the preservation of music which is how the music is transmitted to the later generation of musicians.Early in the evolution of classical music, a system of notation was gradually developed which for the most part remained stable since the Renaissance period. This gave the composer control over how his compositions were to be played. Throughout the history of jazz, however, notation was more like a rough sketch. This was because the syncopated rhythms of ragtime and the melodic riffs of the blues were not easily notated. In addition, early Jazz musicians did not undergo formal training, they usually learn to play by ear, meaning that they played according to what they thought they heard. Some songs were transcribed and written down, but not according to a standardized method. Jazz became more of a passed on tradition that a musician learned through interaction with other players. In a similar way, the modern Jazz musician...

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