The Presidency And Financial Policy Of Alexander Hamilton.

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Alexander Hamilton can be credited with rebuilding the American economic system after the ratification of the Constitution of The United States. As the first Secretary of the Treasury under President Washington, Hamilton faced several pressing challenges during his efforts to place the new republic on firm economic footing. His financial plans would be as revolutionary as they were controversial with several leading revolutionary figures opposed to his proposals. To compound these political difficulties, legal challenges would plague the patriot since the exact powers of the newly formed federal government had yet to be clearly defined in the arena of economics. However, Hamilton believed that swift and drastic action would be needed to abate the economic chaos that threatened the very existence of the United States.Hamilton attained his position as the Secretary of the Treasury by his close relationship with Washington throughout the revolutionary period. However, his power and influence within the first cabinet was offset by an equally impressive figure, Thomas Jefferson, who was the Secretary of State. These two figures represented polar opposites on the political spectrum, a fact that caused considerable tension. Hamilton's proposals nearly unilaterally aided the creditors and wealthy within the nation whom he believed to be the economic backbone of the nation, He believed that it was only through them that the nation could establish a vibrant economy. Jefferson held the exact opposite view and believed that the poor and middle class should benefit most form any federal economic reforms.Hamilton's first act as the Secretary of the Treasury would also be one of his most controversial. In his First Report of Public Credit, delivered January 9th 1790, Hamilton proposed the federal assumption of the State debts that they had incurred throughout the revolution . This debt had a crippling effect upon many of the states and would help build the financial status and reputation of the United States within the international community. Throughout the revolution and under the Articles of Confederation, the individual states would borrow and repay money as independent entities completely apart from any national system. However, while several states repaid these loans in a timely manner, namely Virginia and North Carolina through the granting of land in place of monetary repayment, others had defaulted upon these loans, a fact which had repercussions for the federal government .The assumption of State Debt formed an integral element of Hamilton's economic Plan, but met with significant resistance. Jefferson feared that this would unduly empower the federal government and restrict the role of the states within the Union. Jefferson makes his position clear when he stated:"This financial maneuver is well known by the name the Assumption. Independently of the debts of Congress, the states had, during the war, contracted separate and heavy debts; and...

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