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The Presidency Of Andrew Jackson Essay

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In 1829 Andrew Jackson was elected the seventh President of the United States. His election was set apart from those who were elected before him. He was the first president who was elected by the popular vote of the common man. When I say man, it only includes white males because women and slaves still did not have the right to vote, but I digress. When Andrew Jackson was elected president the democratization of politics had allowed all men to vote without the stipulation of owning land that had limited voters in previous elections. The general population of white men flooded the polls when these restrictions were lifted. The elections in 1824 had 27% of the population vote. As the ...view middle of the document...

Jackson became a savvy politician and worked the political system of America to attain what he wanted. During the age of Jackson buying votes with alcohol was known to be commonly practiced. Jackson also was known to share the spoils of victory with those who supported him in the election. Government jobs were awarded to supporters whether they were qualified or not for the job.
There were three major events that occurred during Jackson’s Presidency. In 1832 the successful National Bank, which Jackson had previously opposed, was pushed to an early re-charter vote by Henry Clay. Jackson threatened to and kept his word to veto this effort when or if it passed through congress. Jackson not only used his ability to veto the re-chartering but moved all the Government funds out of the National Bank. He then deposited the government funds into small, less stable banks. This action actually caused economic hardship to the very people who had elected Jackson.
Another event that occurred during his presidency was the Nullification Crisis. A federal tariff passed by congress in 1832 was opposed by South Carolina’s John Calhoun. J. Calhoun not only opposed the tariff but declared in nullified...

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