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The Presidency Of Both Washington And Jefferson Ensured A Strong Foundation For The United States Government.

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The United States were founded when many men acted as one. Together the founding fathers started a rebellion against the then current world power, succeeded, and established a working government. The actions of these men helped stabilize the young country. The strong foundations set by Washington’s administration, and then stood upon by Jefferson’s, guaranteed a stable United States after the Constitution.Washington’s administration was marked with firsts that then became standards. Once taking office, Washington created the Presidential Cabinet, naming Jefferson his secretary of state, framing the executive branch for future administrations. Washington’s Congress also created the court system, establishing the three part government described in the Constitution. The adoption of Hamilton’s financial plan, through a loose interpretation of the Constitution, set forth a motion to centralize and pay off debts from the Revolution, which helped to avoid a financial crisis in the United States. Handling the French Revolution passively, Washington called for neutrality, keeping the young nation from entering a foreign war it was not prepared to fight. The Jay, Pinckney, and Greenville Treaties helped safe guard the American Frontiers for future exploration. With the passing of the Public Land Act Washington established how new land would be sold, and during his administration added three new states to the union once again proving the Constitution in practice. Washington proved the lasting authority of the new government through the handling of Whisky Rebellion and its efficiency without causing any bloodshed. The concrete was laid by Washington’s Administration, solidifying a strong foundation for the United States.Jefferson utilized Washington’s actions to advance himself politically. After Washington’s proclamation of neutrality Jefferson, who was an open supporter of the French Revolution having...

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