The Presidency Of J.F.K. Essay

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The Presidency of J.F.K.

"Ask not what your country can do for you but what your country can do for you" announced John F.Kennedyfor his inauguration speach. J.F.K. was one of our greatest presidents because of all the heroic,brave, and helpful things that he has done for
the United States.Kennedy was born in Brooklin,Massachusetts May,29 1917. He grew up in a very religious family. In 1925 Kennedy got into hardvard. Four years later he graduated with honors. Years later he joined the Navy. Two years later he was discharged. A while after he was discharged he started up politics.Kennedy ran for vice president in 1956 and lost bye a few votes. A few years later he gathered up a stronger and more orgainized campaign and ran for president. He won by a few votes. His inauguration speach was one of many of his historical speaches.Not long after he was elected he got into his first conflict;The Bay of Pigs Invation. This was a movement to diminish all communism in Cuba. The U.S. was getting a beating so Kennedy called a retreat. After the retreat Fidel Castro reported that he had 1,200 soldiers captured. So Kennedy worked out a deal with Castro and the deal was to trade 53 million dollars in food and drugs for the 1,200 prisoners.The next conflict was The Cuban Missile Crisis which took started on October 22,1962. The U.S. discovered these missile site by routine reconnaisance flights. After the U.S. reasearched them they found out they were owned by the Soviet Union. The reason the soviet union was building these sites is because they wanted to become powerful and take over the world and if they took care of America for Cuba,Cuba would be in the Soviet Unions control along with America. The Military sugested a sneak attack but Kennedy turned it down
because that was how he lost in The Bay of Pigs Invation. So he ordered a navel...

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