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The Presidency Of Thomas Jefferson Essay

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Thomas Jefferson, the third president of the United States, is one of the most lauded, revered, and criticized presidents of our nation’s history. These statements might seem like contradictions, but Thomas Jefferson himself was a contradiction. This paper will answer why he fits these contradictory descriptions so well. This paper will do so by examining his presidency and the relationship between his executive actions and the philosophies he held so dear to get there.
By far, the most enduring aspect of Jefferson is the philosophies he held. These philosophies were brought up during his contentious debates against Hamilton during Washington’s presidency. At first, Hamilton prevailed and ...view middle of the document...

After a short time, the time to vote came, and in the end Jefferson came out victorious. Jefferson began to make strides as president fast; as soon as he attended his inauguration, in fact. Jefferson believed the president shouldn’t be treated as a noble, and so he acted accordingly. He began his inauguration, read his inaugural speech, and continued his presidency acting in the most informal way possible. He began the practice of shaking hands, rather than bowing, sat with an informal posture, and dressed casually. This was the first of many changes he would bring to the United States.
As soon as Jefferson stepped into the White House, he did more practical things as president. He assessed the Federal Government’s spending, and eventually cut many taxes, including the Whiskey Tax which sparked the Whiskey Rebellion. Though, in reviewing the budget of the Federal Government, with his Secretary of Treasury Albert Gallatin, he decided to keep many Hamiltonian policies. Jefferson kept the national bank, the tariffs, and the promise that the Federal Government will assume the debt of states. Jefferson also paid off most of the United States’ debt out of his own pocket. He also instituted a new economic policy called laissez faire, which was in favor of a free market. Doing so, he hoped he would stop the spread of a manufacturing nation – much like the United Kingdom. This...

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