The Presidency Of Woodrow Wilson Essay

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The Presidency of Woodrow Wilson

The turn of century was an important time for pre-WWI America. National and
international affairs were in full swing, just as ever. America was trying hard to remain
with its Isolationism, yet could in no way thoroughly do so. Yet with this isolationistic
stance, that was deteriorating daily, much emphasis was put onto national affairs of the
United States by the government. Woodrow Wilson, the third president of this new
century, also had great concern with the national affairs of the U.S. Elected in 1912,
Wilson strongly believed in a government “more concerned about human rights than
property rights” (Comptons). Through these strong idealistic views, Wilson was in fact
the “president of the common people.” He proved this through his efforts for farmers and
other laborers. This also seen through his “New Freedom” basis of government, as
opposed to President Roosevelt’s “New Nationalist” form of government. On top of this,
Wilson’s flood of social welfare legislation proved that he was definitely “president of the
common people.”
One thing must be known about Wilson before anything else. That is the fact that
he was a strong idealist. He had great visions of how to make the U.S. a better nation for
all. This is illustrated trough his many Acts that he sent through congress. He put in place
many systems that help benefit all the common people. Though he did not always follow
all the way through with his plans (he more or less put them in place and left them), his
strong devotion to the common people being treated equally cannot be overseen. The fact
is that Wilson truly cared about the farmer and the working man. For example, it is
known that he “promised to return state government to the people” (Bailey 703). He
believed in the struggles of people as a whole, rather than individually. One act that he put
into place was the Federal Farm Loan Act. Here, Wilson made credit very easily
accessible to those farmers in need. This law divided the country into twelve regions and
opened a Federal Land Bank inn each one of these regions (McDuffie 139) Wilson also
made the rate of interest towards these farmers very low and affordable. Wilson realized
the importance of the farmer upon American society, a fact that many other politicians of
the time easily ignored. So with his idealistic visions, Wilson brought a little ease upon the
farmers of America. In 1916, Wilson helped get the Warehouse Act into effect. This act
“authorized loans on the security of staple crops” (Bailey 709). Both of these acts were in
essence Populist ideas that the Populists wanted into effect for some number of years.
And it was only President Wilson who brought these issues to light and made a difference
for these common people. It is obvious that Wilson was concerned of the farmers and he
therefore acted upon the concerns and made life that much easier for them.
Wilson was also...

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