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The President Elect Essay

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My people! I gather you here today to hear me out, not only as men, but also as beasts! We gather here today to transition into a new era of leadership. We should not have to live by each other’s misery, but in turn we should want to live by each man’s happiness. We have lost the way of life, as it is no longer free and beautiful, but barred and desolate. We now live in a society where our leader would trade our nuclear arms for cannabis instead of doing what is needed to preserve our natural rights. Stupidity has poisoned president-elect Buckaroo’s soul and stupidity is the only fitting explanation for what he is doing. In the grand philosophic words of Thomas Hobbes, all of you here today have the power to do whatever you see fit in order to preserve your own nature. In this state of nature its every man for himself, and the only thing that we have left, is the liberty to do whatever we can for our self-preservation. I refuse to stand around and accept the cowardly and foolish actions of Delicious Buckaroo. He is not only endangering our natural right to preserve ourselves with his irrational and ill-advised decisions, but he is also violating the only natural law in the state; he is doing everything that is destructive of life thus taking away the means of preserving ourselves. Do you see yourself as weak men? A weak government cannot protect its people and we are not weak men who will be easily daunted. This is why we do not make contracts; instead we establish covenants, as it is the best way to comply with natural law. The Leviathan is formed after all the people in the covenant come together to form one common power. The leviathan contains immense strength because through this formation the political community will function as a unified whole. The leviathan is seen as a benefit to all of us because all of our interests are contained within the commonwealth. In order to preserve life we must seek peace and the commonwealth is in place to promote just that. The leviathan preserves lives due to the peace that is enforced by the civil society.
We are savages! We are a type of animal that gives us the right to defend our property and ourselves. Why are we here today men? I can answer that in one simple answer. Power. President-elect Buckaroo obviously fears human progress, and upon his death, all the power he took will return to the people. All humans desire both forms of power; natural and instrumental. Natural power refers to the capacity of the human body to do the things we exert with our physical body such as wit, arts and strength, and the instrumental power is the power to given to us by society such as reputation, riches and friends. Worth is the measure of power in any one of you men! Do you men honor President-Elect Buckeroo’s decisions? I certainly do not because that would mean that we see him as a person of high worth to us. Power is at the center of all human life, and claiming that you honor someone essentially states that he...

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