The Presidential Candidates Bush And Gore

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The Presidential Candidates Bush and Gore

Albert Gore is the 45th vice president of the United States. He was educated at Harvard University and Vanderbilt University Law school. In 1977, Gore was elected to the office of US representative from Tennessee. After seven years he became the state's US senator. He lost the election in 1988 when running for presidency. Apparently he won several primaries but his campaign appeared to be unfocused and unorganized. In 1993 he was nominated as Bill Clinton's running mate for that presidential election.
He also became Clinton's close confidant, while also helping develop some of his own areas of concern such as down sizing the government and developing urban establishments and fighting global warming. This ticket helped him gain the office of vice President of the US which he has held for two consecutive terms. There were charges against him that claimed he was illegally raising money from his office in the white house but charges were later dropped after he was investigated by the justice department.
George W. Bush is the 46th Governor of the state of Texas and a republican nominee for the United States. His is now in his second term as governor. He earned enough representatives to became a republican nominee during march 14, 2000. While serving three Texas Legislative sessions, Governor bush worked with statewide leaders and members of the Texas Legislature to help provide reforms that would put welfare recipients to work, improve public education and strengthen the criminal justice system. He has also served on the boards of various charitable, business, and civic organizations.

Bush's main focus is improving education by increasing the share of funds from the state, developing more choices of schools, and to expand educational opportunities. Like Bush, Gore also has strong leadership goals in terms of education, he has made strong efforts to come up with strategies that can help improve public education, and goals that need to be met, such as reducing class sizes, and increasing technology in the classrooms.
But then again there are many differences between presidential Bush and Gore besides the fact that one is republican and the other is a democratic. While Bush wants to spend the surplus on tax cuts and private investment accounts to replace Social Security, Gore wants the surplus to be used mostly for reducing the national debt, or helping with the big retirement programs for the future or even for the improvement of schools.
Although Gore personally does oppose to abortion, he does support the women's right to choose because he believes that abortions cannot be prevented, but they can only become a problem for legal system if it was to be outlawed by the federal government. As senator Al Gore cosponsored the Freedom of Choice Act to prevent these rights from being limited from the states. He also fought to ensure that Medicaid recipients who are victims of rape or incest...

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