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The Presidential Election Of 2000 Essay

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The Presidential Election of 2000

It is hard to believe that it will be a year since the Bush vs. Gore campaign was in it’s

final stages, or so we thought. The Bush vs. Gore campaign was at its climax in late

October of 2000. The people of the nation were casting their votes and the two leading

Candidates were neck and neck. The tension was sky high on Election Day, November

7th, 2000. Behold, we were to have a new president; well, possibly.

Election experts have called “evolution” instead of a “revolution” in changing the way

the country goes about its elections. Never in history has such controversy risen as in

Election 2000: Bush vs. Gore. Election 200 has raised “serious concerns over the

integrity of the voting system. Filled with demonstrations of voting machines and

oversized punch card ballots. The election was ultimately made complicated due to the

counting of ballots which were now being re-counted on a local level because of what

we now call “Dimples and Chads”

Dimples and Chads are funny names to be given to election ballots; but then again,

what wasn’t funny about this election as a whole? Election ballots are set up to be

like punch-in cards. A person casts their vote and a hole is punched into a ballot

where the space for the candidate is provided. It seems to be easy enough. However,

that was not the case in this presidential election. For some reason, ballots went up

the walls in malfunctions. These bogus ballots were given the names “Dimples and

Chads”. Dimples are the given name to ballots in which the vote seemed to be intended

but were not quite punched through but sort of made to look like a “dimple”. Chads, on

the other hand, are votes in which a part of the punched vote has gone through, but the

whole thing is not punched out. It is called a Chad when the vote is punched but

still attached to the ballot in some way. As a result of these complications in

votes, debate was brought about as which votes were going to be counted and which

were not. Yet more complications of “Pregnant Chads” added fuel to the fire. A

pregnant chad is where an indentation, but not a perforation appears. Making the spot

look rounded or “pregnant”. Also, it arose to who was trying or attempting to vote for

who. Thus, the debate over dimples and chads began.

However, experts such as Doug Lewis, executive director of the Election Center in

Houston, Texas, said we shouldn’t be too alarmed. He says that the founders of the

Constitution purposely designed the process to be flawed because they didn’t trust in a

centralized authority. He also says that a perfect election is one where none of the

imperfections go into the eyes or ears of the public. He believes that ballot design and

voting equipment should be re-examined and changed so that there should be more

“legal precision” about what is...

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