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Listening to peer pressure has the power to shift one’s fate. William Shakespeare’s play, Julius Caesar, demonstrates how pressuring a man to execute an atrocity will have a detrimental impact on his life. As a scheme forms to overthrow a rising emperor and his followers, the men in the conspiracy of murdering Caesar create more damage than value. Eventually, the rising tension to kill an upcoming ruler creates a downfall of the Roman Empire, a breaking of trust among companions, and the death of numerous men and women. The pressure present in Shakespeare's play has a drastic outcome on every character’s life (Crowther).

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If Brutus would have rejected the request into the murder of a great man, the Roman Empire may not have fallen and he would not have been driven to kill himself at the end of the play. Unfortunately, Brutus does fall into the peer pressure put onto him by his friends and takes part in the indirect undermining of the Roman Empire. (Hampton)

At the beginning of the play, every character appears to be in a tight social circle with few disagreements. Although there is a miniscule distrust between Cassius and Antony at the start of Julius Caesar, they are still formal towards each other. It isn't until the murder of Caesar that the bonds between these two men are broken. When Antony hears about the death of his beloved idol, he claims that when he speaks of Caesar's death that he will say encouraging comments of the men who killed him, but actually says foul remarks in discrete ways. Cassius knew it would be a bad idea to let the closest friend of Caesar to speak at his funeral, but his words to Brutus, "Do not consent that Antony. Know you how much the people may be moved by which he will utter?" (Crowther) did not waiver his thoughts. He even manages to start an uprising in the streets by "playing on the emotions of the audience" (Eastman) and uses peer pressure to make the citizens think that the murder of Caesar was unnecessary and that the men responsible for his death should be punished. Brutus should have listened to the advice Cassius gave him when he spoke of the power of Antony's words in order to stop an uprising (Crowther). Peer pressure did not affect Antony during this part in the play because he did not listen to the plea from the murderers to say how great they were. Antony is a driven character who knows what he wants and is never going to waiver from his own ideas. Throughout the play this character portrays how even if peer pressure does slip into one's ear, one does not need to follow through with the idea, but instead one can ignore it. He persuades the people around him that his foes should be the citizen's enemies as well and he creates a great divide between the people and the murderers. Listening to peer pressure has the effect to...

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