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The Pressure Brought On By College

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The Pressure Brought On By College

Socially, religiously, and scholastically, a person’s values are severely challenged as he enters college. A major university has many evil faces that can alter a person’s values if he or she is not careful. Fraternities and their counterpart, sororities, target freshmen mainly because they’re young, easily influenced, and lonesome. Religious organizations try their best to counter the fraternities by gathering these young scholars to spread their word. The University of Georgia itself causes turmoil in these students' beliefs by requiring classes that promote a change in merit. These are the main things that I have encountered as a student through the University, and all three intrude on my privacy. (in her essay "Keeping Close to Home,")bell hooks argues that a college campus is a place where people hide there true selves. At a time when someone’s values are constantly being tested they should show their true feelings in order to avoid conflicts later in life.

Fraternities and sororities play a major role in the choices a person makes as he enters college. They target the young because they are simply the easiest to influence. Most of these students are away from home with no friends. They are hungry to belong to a group, and a Fraternity offers a sense of togetherness that these lambs away from the herd need. Once hooked and interested in becoming a member, recruits are constantly challenged to drink and perform embarrassing tasks to prove how dedicated they are to becoming a brother. These rushies can possibly be beaten, definitely made to clean non-stop, and constantly forced to run errands for the older brothers. Hazing, or abusing a recruit, has supposedly been abolished from fraternity life, but there is no proof that it does not occur in the houses connected with the University of Georgia. After several weeks of pure hell, if pledges are accepted, they can finally call themselves part of the fraternity or sorority. The opportunity to earn brotherhood or sisterhood is something that all rush participants encounter and they have to make a choice. The things that occur in these groups go against some of the participants' beliefs, but, in order to belong many will put their beliefs behind them.

Religion is another major aspect of life that is threatened during the years of college. Outside the Tate Student Center, and all over campus on random days, a preacher of sorts is outside calling out to people to spread the Word of God. Everywhere on the UGA campus, the message of the lord can be seen and heard. From billboards, to flyers, to messengers, people are going about the Lord. No matter what the original religion a person brings with them, their religious values will be questioned and sometimes they will be converted. It is somewhat impossible to escape the religious propaganda that is common on at a major institution like UGA. With many people constantly engaged in...

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