The Pressure Of Being Accepted And Liked By Others Can Change A Person’s Personality And Identity (Three Day Road) York Mills, English 4 U Assignment/ Essay Outline

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The elements of an ESSAY
Putting your double-entry journal entries to WORK
Based on your novel, Three Day Road, and your double entry journals, you will hand in an essay outline using your quotes as evidence.  You will be graded on the quality of your entries as listed in the rubrics and on how well your evidence supports your thesis.   For thesis ideas, you will be
FIRST:  Summarize what your essay would be about:
My essay would be about how the pressure of being accepted makes some people change their identity and become completely different from who they used to be.
NOW...let’s get to the business of getting that message across.
#1 – a SOLID THESIS, which is a statement that will be proven by YOUR ESSAY.
The pressure of being accepted and liked by others can change a person’s personality and identity.
#2 – An organizing statement – the basic elements of your topic sentences.
In the book Three Day Road, Elijah Whiskeyjack, a Cree sniper for Canada in World War 1, adapts to the Canadian culture rather than holding onto his Cree culture because he wants to be more popular. During the war, indigenous people were seen as less than the Wemistikoshiw people, what Cree Canadians referred to caucasian people as, which is why Elijah adapted to their culture.
Topic Sentence # 1:
Elijah shows off his English to the other soldiers in order to impress them.
In the quote “Me, I won’t give in to this army’s ways so easy. I learn their English but pretend I don’t. When an officer speaks to me I look at him and answer in Cree.” (Boyden 78), Xavier, Elijah’s best friend who is also fighting in the war, explains how unlike Elijah, he does not like to speak English because by not speaking it, it is one way that he can hold onto his Cree culture. On the other hand, Elijah is willing to discard his native language, Cree, and not only speak English, but also show off how well he can speak it. This shows that Elijah is adapting to the Wemistikoshiw culture rather than holding onto his Cree culture. Xavier talks about how he pretends not to know English because he does not want to lose his Cree culture or his Cree tongue, but Elijah does not mind losing his Cree tongue if it means he can be more popular.This quote demonstrates that the need to be accepted can even cause someone to give up something as large as their native tongue.
Topic Sentence # 2:
As well as speaking in a different language, Elijah speaks with in the accent...

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