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The Pressure Put On Children By Their Parents To Be The Best

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Students are constantly pressured to strive to be the best they can be. They are pressured by a number of factors, such as; family, friends, teachers, and all of society and has caused students to take serious actions. An example of one of those factors are without good grades in school, it can be hard to succeed and go to college to receive a good career in the future. In today’s world there are so many challenges to overcome, people want to be the best of the best so that bring a lot of pressure to the table. Every day the world gets more competitive, and that is a lot of pressure for anyone to deal with, the pressure is a lot for young students to deal with every day. The causes of these pressures for students are parents, the school, the future, and the effect is how they handle the pressure.
One cause of the many pressures for students to receive good grades are coming from your parents. The expectation is for you as a student to do as well or even better than what your parents have done, so that way your parents won’t worry as much for your future. Parents start thinking about your future as soon as you are born, and with this being said they prepare you as early as they can. According to ezie1234, she is one of the writers on the website Student Mode, this website ranges from all topics and topic she wrote was “The Cause and Effect of Pressure on Students to Get Good Grades”, she said, when you become of school age, and are attending elementary, they are usually thinking about the next level, such as, getting you ready for a top ranked college schools in the future and for instance, if your parents graduated from high school and got accepted into a 4-year university, the pressure is on you to also get accepted into a 4-year University (p 2). This all causes more and more stress to become the perfect child in your parent’s eyes to get into a 4 year University or higher and that can be quite an overload for a student go though. I believe that is all true because before I went to college, my parents really were pushing me towards good colleges, but I am also glad that they did because I ended up in a college that I was wanting to attend. But, sometimes parents can take it too far and all of this pressure can sometimes also cause the student to over worry and be anxious not to do well in school, but in other cases it can cause the student to do better because the parents care so much about their success. According to mayrameza45 she is another writer on the Student Mode website, her essay is called “Pressure to get good grades” she said in her essay, although many parents think that pressuring their kids to get good grades may be helpful, in reality, it can become overbearing and any students while attending school have other things to worry about as well, most of them are also balancing school, work and extracurricular activities (p 2). Growing up, I always wanted to make my parents proud, by achieving something great that way my parents...

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