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The Pressure To Be Thin Essay

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Teenagers constantly worry about their body image, and magazines, newspapers, and television don’t exactly help to boost their confidence. Awkward – sounds at first like they worry about body image and magazines – a very small bump, but avoidable. The portrayal of stick thin woman and body building men forces teens to believe they need to achieve that “perfect” body and look. The biggest issue of these images being broadcasted to teens is the effects that they reference – teens? Another small bump, but recast. have on them. Teenagers who obsess over their body image can experience stress due to trying to impress others, develop an eating disorder, and are prone to neglect, and even jeopardize, important aspects of their lives.make parallel – … due to trying, (due to) develop … (due to) are prone doesn’t make sense. I know you can read it another way – more the way you intended, but when there are a couple ways of reading something, some readers are going to read it wrong. (That may be a record of “reads” in one sentence.)
Stress is a part of teenagers possessive – their lives everyday lives. From school, to boyfriends, to keeping up with the latest fashion trends, there is already enough stress to deal with. The construction from … to … to … does not have commas separating the parts To add to it, teens often spend too much time focusing on how they look. Anna Quindlen states that she works out three times a week to keep her husband from looking at younger women (283). Although Anna is older and married, she most likely still felt she needed to stay thin to keep guys interested when she was a teenager. Maybe, but you’re ignoring the humor. All humor has some truth (and pain) in it, but she’s being funny. Reformulate. You can say the same thing, but don’t ignore that she was joking.
Teens feel like they need to stay thin or fit to impress other people, rather than focusing on the good qualities they already possess. Others wear a lot of makeup to try and try to is the better construciton live up to the images portrayed in magazines. Whatever happened to personality is the best quality? Teens are now so focused on how they look that they begin judging each other before they even have a conversation. That’s pretty much what everyone does, don’t you think? It’s human. But it’s hard to get to know someone when their ribs are poking through their shirt, or pounds of makeup are caked on their face. (fragment) Good kicker. You’ll have to square it with the sentence before, however.
Teens that are too concerned about their body image can also develop an eating disorder. How do you know that the images in mass culture lead to eating disorders? The pressure to look like everyone in the media can force teens to starve themselves, purge, and excessively use diet pills and other weight loss medications. The effects of eating disorders not only harm their health, but it agreement also continues to hurt their self-esteem. Teens tend to hide the fact that...

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