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The Prevalence Of E Commerce Essay

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The Prevalence of E-Commerce


The most common and traditional way to purchase goods for us is go to
the high street stores where we pick up the goods what we like, pay
for the prices at the check-out desk. However, the way has changed; 21
century is the world with E-commerce. People can no longer go to
stores instead of buying all products at home over the internet. We
can’t ignore the benefits of e-commerce. For consumers, e-commerce is
great as everyone likes the ease and convenience of shopping online.
For businesses, e-commerce is also great managing suppliers and
conducting business transactions over the Web saves time and money.

Without doubt, e-commerce provides huge convenience for not only
consumers, but also the business. Notwithstanding online goods selling
makes for consumers a speed, simplicity and variety of goods on offer,
for the sellers a ready-made, instant audience that secures them the
best price,[1] it involves huge risks. Many buyers complained of
sellers’ performance for late shipments, no shipments, or shipments of
the goods which are not the same quality or description as advertised,
insecurity of payment by credit or direct card, etc[2]. As a result,
in order to protect consumer’s extra rights relating to buying goods
online and regulate online business, some directives or regulations
came into force in the UK.

EBay as a world’s marketplace enables trade on a local, national and
international basis. Everyday, a lot of buyers bidding and buying
goods via eBay online platform, as well as millions of items traded
through eBay. It developed an internet-based community where buyers
and sellers are brought together to buy and sell. But eBay is not a
real internet auction website, it performances as an online venue
through which customers can do trade just as in offline trade

This essay intends to give a critical analysis for legal
relationships among parties created on I will also
analyse consumers’ protections from purchasing goods in stores and
buying on eBay that whether they have the same rights by different
means of purchasing goods. Moreover, some law legislations and
regulations will be considered for supporting my views.

Part I

I Participators on eBay

EBay provides a cyberspace for buyers and seller who came together to
buy and sell goods. On the other hand, eBay online service permit all
users using it service on the basic premise that users must agree the
terms and conditions presented on-screen. Therefore, firstly, the
relationship between sellers and buyers are created through online
sales contract. Secondly, eBay as online service provider provides
services to eBay’s users and regulate their acts.

1) The legal relationship between eBay buyer and seller

Under English law,...

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