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The Prevalence Of Opposite Sex Partner Violence In The U.S.

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The prevalence of opposite-sex intimate partner violence in the U.S. is of no surprise. An overwhelming amount of research is dedicated to studying the rates of intimate partner violence in heterosexual relationships, contributing factors as well as possible solutions to decrease this type of violence. The same cannot be said for that of same-sex intimate partner violence. The current critical research will examine the intersections of same-sex intimate partner violence, review national statistics on such violence as well as compare and contrast same-sex intimate partner violence with that of opposite-sex intimate partner violence.

Minority stressors played a huge role in the current research, many current studies on same-sex intimate partner violence attribute the current rates to stressors faced by those who identify as LGBT. A study by Edwards and Sylaska titled The Perpetration of Intimate Partner Violence among LGBTQ College Youth: The Role of Minority Stress which looked at 391 youth from colleges across the U.S. found that “21 % (of the participants) indicated that they had experienced psychological partner violence victimization within same sex relationships and 24 % reported physical partner violence victimization within same-sex relationships”. (Edwards & Sylaska, 2012) Internalized stressors where shown in current research to also have an impact on same-sex IPV. Edwards and Sylaska’s research done in 2012 states that “Sexual identity concealment was related significantly and positively to physical perpetration of same-sex partner violence, and unrelated to psychological and sexual perpetration of same-sex partner violence. Sexual orientation related victimization was related significantly and positively to psychological perpetration of same-sex partner violence, and unrelated to physical and sexual perpetration of same-sex partner violence” (Edwards & Sylaska, 2012). It is important to understand how these internalized and externalized factors effect IPV perpetration and victimization in the LGBTQ community.
External factors also limit the amount of representation same-sex couples receive when dealing with IPV. Laws are clearly defined when it comes to heterosexual IPV but the lines blur once we begin to study the regulations put in place to protect those involved in same-sex IPV. The society we live in today has a mix-matched stance on same-sex relationships and in some cases doesn’t recognize them at all. With this being said, violence that occurs between two same-sex intimate partners can oftentimes be categorized into simple assault or battery. This ill categorization boosts the statistics for battery and assault, in turn allowing programs aimed at reducing these crimes to receive more funding. At the same time, no resources are being allocated to protect those involved in same-sex IPV. In Pattavina, Hirschel, Buzawa, Faggiani and Bentley’s research completed in 2007 clear lines were drawn between the law and same-sex IPV...

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