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The Prevalence Of Prison Sexual Violence

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Rape is one of the most horrendous acts of violence that can happen to someone. There are many good reasons why people in the United States vote to enact tough laws that punish persons that take part in this unethical act that dehumanizes the victim. It leaves the victim physically and psychologically traumatize, sometime for life. The aftermath of rape can lead to psychological issues like, PTSD, Social Anxiety, Panic Disorder, and depression (Tonisha R. Jones and Travis C. Pratt 2007). Also it can lead health problems like HIV/ADDs and other STDs, also physical injuries that accrue during the violent act that can affect the victim health for life (Tonisha R. Jones and Travis C. Pratt 2007). Rape is define as any penetration, no matter how slight, of the vagina or anus with any body part or object, or oral penetration by a sex organ of another person, by one or more persons against another person without the consent of the victim and, by the means of physical force, coercion, abuse of authority or ageist a person who is not able to valid consent, such as someone who is unconscious, incapacitated, or below the legal age of consent (The FBI federal bureau of investigations CJIS link). So knowing that rape is severely traumatic for the victim, and unethical thing to do to someone, than why do we in society marginalize, or sometimes look the other way when it happens to men and women in prison. In this paper, I am going to summarize current research on what is and what is not currently known about the prevalence of prison sexual violence, also I am going review different strategy that researchers came up with to reduce the amount of sexual victimizations in prison. Finally I am going to review new legislation that addresses this problem, but first I am going give some statistical numbers of victimization during the 2011 to 2012.
In a survey done by Bureau of Justice Statistics published in the Sexual Victimization in Prisons and Jails Reported by Inmates, 2011–12 illustrates the prevalence of sexual assaults in prison in one year. Its statistics show that in 2011 through 2012 an estimated 4.4% of state and federal prisoners report experiencing one or more incidents of sexual victimization by ether another inmate or a facility member and 0.4% reported being violated by both another inmate and staff (BJS National Inmate Survey, 2011–12). That percentage adds up to 68,900 people are violated every year (BJS National Inmate Survey, 2011–12). In local jail across the country 3.4% reported sexual victimization by ether another inmate or a facility member and 0.2% reported sexual victimization by both another inmate and staff member (BJS National Inmate Survey, 2011–12). These percentages add up to 27,500 rape victims in one year (BJS National Inmate Survey, 2011–12). When adding up the percentages of state, federal, and local jails the number of victims comprises to 96,400 people. That...

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