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The Prevalence Of Suicide Among Aboriginal Youths

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Throughout history Aboriginal people have had to endure many tragedies such as the loss of identity, segregation, and racism which have all largely impacted their emotional and mental health. With this in mind, there is little wonder that aboriginal people have the highest suicide rates within Canada. Approximately four thousand people per year die by suicide within Canada with six to ten per cent of these people being of Aboriginal decent (Bonshor, Jebamani, Muth, & Lew, 2012). While it is devastating that these numbers are so significant, it is even more alarming to learn that the majority of these suicides are predominately Aboriginal youths. In fact, the suicide rate is five to seven times higher within Aboriginal youths over non-Aboriginal youths (Health Canada, 2013). As a psychiatric nurse it is imperative that one becomes educated on why suicide rates are so high within the Aboriginal youth, how suicide negatively impacts the Aboriginal communities, and learns how one can help to develop a suicide prevention plan to reduce the rates of suicide within Aboriginal youths.
Before one considers ways in which one can help to reduce the numbers of suicides within Aboriginal youths it is first important to gain an understanding of why suicide is so prevalent within Aboriginal communities. This student has determined that there are many contributing factors that can negatively affect an Aboriginal youth and in turn, potentially leave an Aboriginal youth feeling as though their choices are limited thus, suicide seems to be the only form of escape. While there are many contributing factors that may lead to an Aboriginal youth to suicide; the factors that stand out the most to this student are: historical, environmental, biological, and socioeconomic factors. World Health Organization (WHO) describes these kinds of factors as determinants of health. Determinants of health are described as the “underlying causes of illness or wellness” (Touhy, Jett, Boscart, & McCleary, 2012, p. 6). Further, compared to non-Aboriginal youths, Aboriginal youths are more likely to experience disadvantage due to their status within the determinants of health. Take environment for example, those who have access to safe water and safe houses are more likely to have better health then those who live in an area with unsafe water, or who reside within an unsafe home (World Health Organization, 2014).
Research suggests that the loss of one’s culture distorts one’s self-identity which leads to self-destructive behaviors among Aboriginal youths. This student has come to understand that loss of culture involves items such as; a reduction of traditional lands, a loss of Aboriginal language, as well as a suppression of Aboriginal belief systems (MacNeil, 2008). Moreover, cultural loss may leave a person feeling insecure with their person leading one to develop behaviors such as self-harm. This has the potential to transcend into a situation where someone will begin to display...

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