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The Prevelance Of Monsters In Beowolf And Hamlet

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What is the meaning of a good life? How do we achieve the right to happiness? We live in a society full of suffering depressed people, terror, and mass murders.It is no wonder that there are so many monsters are in our society today.(The Making of a Monster 1)
In History there are many forms of heros and many forms of monsters. But what you didn't know is that a hero could also be compared to a monster. A hero is defined as “a person, typically a man, who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities”(Google). A monster is defined as “an imaginary creature that is typically large, ugly, and frightening” (Google). In our society today we have lots of heros but an equal amount of monsters.(Monsters in Society Pg 2)
Killers are the biggest threats to humans in society today because it could be the most original and kindest person ever who turns out to be the killer. The huge amount of monsters in our society are the killers and greedy people. A lot of people’s lives are at risk everyday just from being around these people and don't even know it. Nobody can trust a stranger,a friend, or even a family member. T.V. shows, and movies, show the killer as a psychotic person in a typical way. When it really could be anybody people come in contact with, they are just more experienced on how to deceive a common person.(The Making of a Monster Pg 2)
People’s mindset are different once they get around suspicious people or if they have a feeling they are in some type of danger being around a typical person, and at least 45% of the time they are right about what they are feeling toward a person at the moment.(The Making of a Monster Pg 3-4)

In Beowulf, Beowulf was a hero to most but a monster to others. He had everything a hero could have: the talent to save, a will to fight, a heart that won't stop until he's done what is desired, and a strong humble spirit toward others. But in the other hand he also had many monster qualities also: a gruesome way of killing and a frightening way to get his point across to the people.When Beowulf had killed Grendel, he thought it would be some type of token to bring the people his head so he could get some type of respect(Beowulf).Grendel’s mother is now furious and now she wants to kill Beowulf so she can get her sons revenge(Beowulf).Some call him a monster in a way, some call him a hero but whichever one he is hes doing a good job a both.(The Story of Beowulf Pg 3)
Grendel was a beast and hated happiness. And when he heard laughing...

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