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The Prevelence And Management Of Hypertension In The Phillippines

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Hypertensive urgency is defined as those situations associated with severe elevations in BP without progressive target organ dysfunction (Chobanian, Lenfant, Jones, & Roccella, 2004). It refers to patients with upper levels of stage II hypertension associated with severe headache, shortness of breath, epistaxis, or severe anxiety. The cut-off range that is recommended to initiate treatment if SBP > or = 180 and DBP > or = 110mm Hg (Chobanian, Lenfant, Jones, & Roccella, 2004) (Cherney & Straus, 2002). Based on current statistics, twenty-five percent of patient visits to busy urban ambulatory care emergency rooms are hypertensive urgency cases.
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It is due to this reasons that sixty percent of most Filipinos who die, die without the benefit of seeing a health professional. The MOSMAN-MEDCOM Group expressed that in 2010, the government spends less than the WHO recommended five percent of gross domestic product on health. The group reported that 70% of all health workers are employed in the private health sector, serving only about 20 to 30 percent of the population. Meanwhile, living in resource-poor environments does not limit an individual on the use of mobile phone for several cultural and economic reasons. Mobile access costs less to rollout over large areas than does a fixed phone line and mobile networks can be built faster than fixed lines. The social value of a mobile phone is highly valued even in resource-poor areas. In a 2010 article on The Business Wire entitled “The Philippines Reaffirms Status As Text Messaging Capital Of The World”, 2009 statistics showed that there were about 72 million mobile-service subscriptions (roughly 80% of the Filipino population), with around 1.39 billion SMS messages being sent in the Philippines daily. Because of the large amount of text messages being sent by Filipinos, the Philippines became known as the "text capital of the world" during the late 1990s until the early 2000s. With the exponential growth of mobile communications not only in developed countries but also in the developing world, such technology is bypassing conventional telephony systems and allowing people to communicate across vast geographical distances which until now were inaccessible. And so to determine the impact of mobile technology to health, the World Health Organization encourages on seizing the opportunity to harness its power for the benefit of public health. This field is called mHealth. It allows patients to be connected to services which include health information on demand, health record management, and the remote, real-time monitoring of chronic conditions such as diabetes, asthma, and hypertension to name a few. The World Health Organization designed mHealth initiatives in its 2009 global eHealth survey. It comprises national trends in the adoption of mHealth in 14 specific areas for the use of mobile technologies which includes Health call centres, Toll-free emergencies, Emergency care, Mobile telemedicine, Appointment reminders, Community mobilization, Treatment Compliance, Patient...

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