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The Prevention And Management Of Children Obesity In Schools

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Executive Summary

Obesity rates among children and adolescents have more than doubled in the last three decades. In a national survey conducted in 2000, 16% of adolescents aged 12 to 19 and 15% of children ages 6 to 11 were obese. (Alice Kuo, Ruth A. Etzel, Lance A. Chilton, Camille Watson, & Peter A. Gorski, 2012). These rates have since increased for minority children and adolescents. Investigative reports have revealed that the physician workforce has not been equipped to effectively deal with the prevention, detection and management of overweight children on their own. We are in dire need of a new approach in the prevention and management of pediatric obesity, and exergaming could be key.

Intro. Principal Maverick wants X, We believe Y Based on ...
Our key findings have led us to believe …...

The flaw of the current physical education system. What is obesity, what is the problem, how we identify it Example, surveys, etc, attitudes, correlations.

Literature Search Strategy

To go about adequately answering the problem for Principal Maverick and the Top Gun School we needed to adopt a dynamic approach in gathering our research. We assembled a network of articles and journals using a diversity of reliable sources to address each level of the matter delicately. Each member of the team used different resources, search phrases, and studies concerning the effect of exergaming on attitudes and fitness. We also used the details Mr. DeSanto went over in his research guide, and conferred with the head psychological librarian research assistant at Bailey Howe. We wanted to find the most reliable sources, and to do that we used Psychinfo, Google Scholar, Acamedic Search Premiere, and PsychTests. Since Exergaming is a relatively new concept, we have been able to find an array of contemporary articles and documents that are relevant today. (source).

*( The topics we searched were “Pediatric Obesity”, “Effects of Exergaming”, “Mental Health in Physical Education” , “Exergaming attitudes”, and others.)

Key Findings

Intro: Physical Education Background * This section doesn’t really give a “background” of classic p.e → Could find an article or two about outcomes / attitudes of common place old-school gym settings like dodgeball, basketball, etc.

Only 35.8% of adolescents met the 2005 U.S. Dietary Guidelines for physical activity (Eaton et al., 2006). In contrast, 50% of teen gamers play video games more than 1 hour a day (Lenhart, 2008). Transforming sedentary video game play into active exergaming play could increase calories expended and improve coordination and athletic skills, thereby combating obesity. ← (Moved from Sec. 2)

Physical education courses can provide a promising opportunity for youth to play exergames (Yang, Smith, & Graham, 2008). Digital games are already present in academic settings: 34% of teenagers report playing a computer or console game at school for an assignment (Lenhart, 2008). Throughout the United States,...

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