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The Price Of Concussions In Sports

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The documentary, The League of Denial examines the issue of brain injuries in the National Football League. The film devotes most of its attention to the story of Mike Webster, who died at the age of fifty as a result of severe brain injuries suffered throughout his playing career. Webster’s story highlights the devastating effect concussions can have in a short timeframe. Because brain injuries are known to develop quickly it is important that the NFL responds quickly to this concussion crisis. The NFL is the most popular professional sports league in the world: according to Forbes Magazine the NFL generated over $9 billion in revenue this past year. Despite this success the NFL faces a ...view middle of the document...

With this decision coming down in the favor of the players, the NFL is setting themselves up for future lawsuits. A precedent has been set in favor of the players. The NFL can expect that in future cases the justice system will rule in favor of the players. Because of this decision the NFL needs to make sure of the safety of the sport, otherwise players will continue to sue them. The NFL needs to act swiftly against concussions because of the health of the current and former players. The health of the current players will soon become a hot topic for the NFL, so it is important that they’re taking corrective measures so this will be a non-issue in the future. The status of the former players is another reason why the NFL should be dedicated in their fight against concussions and brain injuries.
In recent years, a string of former players and other professional athletes have been diagnosed after their deaths with chronic traumatic encephalopathy or CTE, as result of multiple concussions suffered during their playing career. According to Boston University CTE Center, “CTE is a progressive degenerative disease of the brain found in the athletes with a history of repetitive brain trauma, including symptomatic concussions as well as asymptomatic sub-concussive hits to the head”. CTE has a devastating effect on the mind: evidence by all the people who have been diagnosed with CTE postmortem. Suicide is very prevalent in the people who are known to have CTE. One former player, Junior Seau is just one example of a former player who committed suicide, and was later revealed to have CTE. CTE has also been linked to boxing. Ultimately the presence of brain injuries and CTE had a shattering effect in the sport of boxing. At one point boxing was one of the most popular sports, but with all the head injuries suffered the sport has been unable to recover. The NFL must keep in mind the health of their former players if they wish to remain on top of the sport world. The former players had a crucial role in the success of the NFL, and without their support the NFL will not be able keep their status as the most popular sports league. Many former players choose to stay involved with the sport after they retire, which helps elevate the sport with the younger kids who just beginning to play. Without the support of former players the NFL will follow boxing down a similar path. Boxing lost many big names in their sport, which resulted in losing many of their fans. The NFL needs to take into considered the effect of concussions if they wish to remain on top of the sporting world. The status of future players in their sport is another reason why the NFL should continue to research the effects of concussions.
With all the head injuries that take place within the last few...

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