The Price Of Freedom Essay

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The Price of Freedom

In one’s lifetime they will see millions of advertisements claiming “this is free or that is free”, yet by the age of ten one can tell it’s all normally just a gimmick to get someone to buy more than they really need. In reality nothing is truly free, even the water that is drank everyday is not free. What is really strange is that all of this is experienced within “The Land of the Free”. Nothing in America is free, from what we buy in the stores all the way to how religions are practiced. Even worse than that, basic freedoms are stripped from American citizens on a daily basis by those corrupt political leaders and various other people in power. The worst of all is when innocent people are hurt by a system that is meant to protect them; when what is supposed to help them be free or enjoy freedoms for a short time is taken away. In both The Terminal a movie directed by Steven Spielberg and “The Border Patrol State” by Leslie Marmon Silko basic freedoms are infringed upon by a society that is supposed to be protective and free for all to enjoy. Both works use personal experiences, paralleled with the society’s responses to demonstrate that freedom does not always happen in the land of he free to foreigners and citizens alike.

In The Terminal, a man (Viktor Navorski) is not simply stuck in the airport, but rather is faced with the hardships of a cruel society that is unwelcoming or even unsupportive to someone who has just endured the loss of his own country and the privileges to enter the United States. Although this movie contains various subplots, the work focuses mainly on Viktor Navorski, an immigrant from Eastern Europe, as he struggles to get out of New York City’s airport. As his adventure unfolds he learns that even within a free country nothing is really free and troubles lurk around almost every corner. After several months, he receives permission to go out into New York. He then returns to the airport as a final good bye and departure to his home country. Viktor Navorski teaches that will and determination along with a calm attitude can accomplish anything, even overcoming a harsh system.

In the essay entitled “The Border Patrol State” the author captivates her audience telling the reader the atrocities that are occurring on the highways in the southwestern region of the United States. This essay brings to light what the people of Hispanic decent have endured, on the stretch of highway between New Mexico and Arizona a common route for various nationalities within a diverse country. The author portrays what it is like to be of Mexican heritage and how they are treated unjustly (i.e. being stopped by border patrol, unjustly searched, and subject to cruel treatment). The author gives many different depictions of the horrid events they have experienced. She describes what is going on as racism and compares it to the “Iron-Curtain” making people feel like it is not safe or even illegal just simply to drive...

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