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Acts of kindness and charity make the “world go ‘round”. As one person helps another, a type of “pay it forward” phenomenon may occur. If this did happen, and everyone who was helped gave up a little bit of their time to help another, many lives would be changed for the better. In many cases, where quite a bit of participation is needed, overseers may lure contestants in with some sort of inducement. Do people really deserve and often expect accolades for what they have done? Even though some rewards in return for acts of charity are healthy in moderation, frequent incentives would undermine the actual cause of helping others.
If every good deed had a small reward, opposition would be scarce. However, if this reward would be used to boost students grades or give employees raises, many would become skeptical. This is evident when students receive enrichment points for participating and contributing to a charity drive for those affected by natural disasters or other catastrophic ...view middle of the document...

Even though rewards are pleasant and frequently feel necessary, acts of kindness should be true and come from the heart. These gestures should not have to be rewarded upon completion. Offering prizes for finishing a task that many would do voluntarily isn't morally just. Simply being granted the satisfaction of helping others should more than suffice. For example, it would be foolish to drop a quarter into a Salvation Army bucket and then demand the bell ringer to give you a dollar for donating to their cause. If the idea of giving incentives for good deeds was to be taken into consideration through the lens of a dollar for a quarter, the argument at hand would seem fairly foolish and invalid. When humans get used to being rewarded for the smallest things habit will form, and future generations have a different expectation of life.
As children grow up and watch those around them receive awards for tasks that used to be done without thinking twice, they will end up demanding more. Although there are various successful methods and techniques for positive reinforcement and using incentives, taking them too far could end up changing the views and standpoints of the future generations. Imagine life twenty years from now if children refused to donate food or money unless they received an extraordinary reward, and wouldn't settle for anything less. If incentives and rewards are given in return for even the smallest act of kindness, people will become more demanding and end up expecting something in return. A call for change and revolution against this concept is necessary. Because of this change in perspective, random acts of kindness and thoughtless acts of charity would be lost in history.
The price to pay may seem minor, but supporting incentives and rewarding others for sometimes minuscule things could end up negatively altering the views of future generations. Contributing money or any other material good to a charitable cause should come from the heart and not be an empty promise. Although some organizations do offer a little “thank you” of sorts, this thank you should not be something that could possibly alter another aspect of one’s life. If these actions demanded a large prize, the world would no longer be the same place, and to some people, may stop it from “going ‘round.”

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