The Main Reasons Of Anne Boleyn’s Execution

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Different kinds of theories are circling around about the reasons why Henry VIII had his second wife beheaded. It is known that the king, who was notorious for his cruelty and heartlessness, had viciousness. He had even his best friends and allies killed if they were thought guilty in defeating his power. However, his main enemies were his wives. He had six wives: Catherine of Aragon, Anne Boleyn, Jane Seymour, Anne of Cleves, Catherine Howard and Catherine Parr ( Two of them were beheaded: Anne Boleyn and her cousin, Catherine Howard. However, the execution of Anne was the most notorious one during the reign of Henry VIII. His reasons of beheading his wife were: he had difficulties with getting divorced from his previous wife and he did not want a long process, Anne could not give birth to a son who could have been his crown prince, he was not attracted by Anne anymore so that he had already had another mistress called Jane Seymour and finally Anne was accused with adultery and treachery which was an unforgiveable crime at that time.
His previous wife was Catherine of Aragon who had been his brother’s widow. However, her marriage with Henry VIII went wrong when he realized that Catherine was not able to give birth to a healthy son. The only child who survived was Mary, a subsequent queen of England ( The monarch had several mistresses in order to have a son. One of them was Anne Boleyn’s sister; Mary Boleyn who later became pregnant and she gave birth to a healthy son ( However, the king got acquaintance with Anne and he declared Mary’s son a bastard. Anne meant a real challenge for him: “But Anne Boleyn was not a mistress like others. She kept Henry at arm’s length for years, refusing to let him bed her unless they were married. His appetite grew; she refused to satisfy it.” (Burke 89). Because of this passion he wanted to get divorce from Catherine of Aragon. This act was a long process so that Anne and Henry had already been married but it was not public until the time when Henry’s separation from Catherine became declared and Anne had been already pregnant. (Burke 96) Getting divorce from his first wife caused serious consequences: “The Pope pronounced excommunication upon Henry until such time as he left Anne Boleyn and returned to his lawful wife.”(Burke 97). Because of this fulmination, he had to create his own religion which was called Anglicism. He became the head of this religion ( This divorce caused Henry nothing but trouble so that he did not want a long process like that when he wanted to get rid of his second wife later.
Anne’s Boleyn child was born in September 1533 but it was a daughter, again and it was named Elizabeth. Having a daughter again made the monarch disappointed and furious (Williamson 251). All that he wanted was a legitimate heir, it was the hope of having a son which made him to urge his divorce and it was much ado about...

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