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The Prince And The Lions Another Point Of View

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There came a time in our great city when our beloved King had passed and his son Prince Azgid was required to take the throne and lead his people. Prior to the grand event of crowning the Prince, the venerable Vizer took him up to the scared place where the Prince would have to prove himself worthy of Kingly responsibilities. This where I come in, I am the Lion Adur-Ser, a guardian of this great city and one of my duties is to prepare the Prince to take his rightful place.
When the Vizer brought him to me, I rose and greeted him with a loud challenging roar. It was too much for the young man. I saw him stagger back and he reeked of fear. He was not ready to take the mantle of the King. He then requested a few days to prepare and the Vizer granted it, but come the dawn, I heard that my dear Prince had departed the city. I pray that he will find peace with himself and speed back to take his rightful place for his people.
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I heard the gate unlock, and there strode in my young Prince, firm with resolve and a glint of determination in his eye. Yet, this is not the same Prince I encountered just a few short weeks ago. I greeted him as before. Standing, I announcing, “I am Adur-Ser, a guardian and protector of this, your realm!” I roared. “If you have the strength to rule, then show it to me NOW!” as I charged forward, pitting myself against this young Prince who would be King. As I approached, I saw nothing but a determined stance of defense. I leaped high, easily sailing over him, and upon landing some measure behind him, I turned to face him. My Prince has passed the test, he feared not as I had passed. I slowly and without menace this time, approached my new King. I licked his hand in submission to his rule and gave a playful and thankful head rub.
Together we departed the scared arena and as re returned to the city, we encountered his new friends from his journey, Oaxus the old Shepard and his slave Asdril producers of fine music. Oaxus presented Asdril to Azgid as his own, so King Azgid can enjoy the lad’s music at any time. Further still, the Sheik Hajaar and a select few of his desert tribesmen where there and presented a beautiful horse to the King, congratulating him. Finally, upon reaching the Palace, Azgid encounter an Emir whom Azgid has stayed these during his last week of his journey, where he had encountered the Emir’s own guardian Lion – Boulak. Azgid expressed his regret for his early departure and informed the Emir of his longing for the Emir’s daughter, Perizide. The Emir calmed and reassured Azgid and then presented his daughter for marriage to the new King.
King Azgid reflected on the events of his recent journey, He has conclude that by not facing the challenges life presents you only causes distress and the buildup of additional troubles. By facing your troubles, you grow and learn to make and cherish the peace you seek, and heaven will smile upon you.

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