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The Prince And The Pauper By Mark Twain

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The pre 1914 novel I have chosen to write about is The Prince and the
Pauper by Mark Twain

Pre 1914 Coursework on ‘The Prince And The Pauper’

The pre 1914 novel I have chosen to write about is ‘The Prince And
The Pauper’ by Mark Twain. ‘The Prince And The Pauper’ was written in
1882, it was set in the time of King Henry VIII. It is a commentary on
the social issues and relationships at that time. I have chosen to
write about this novel, because it describes many of the social
situations that are still around today.

The story is about a poor boy who longed to live the life of a prince.
All his life he had begged on the street. His father was a lazy man
who refused to work, and if the boys did not bring home money, he
would beat them. Tom had two other sisters, and his whole family had
to live in one room in an old house in the poorest part of London.
Father Andrew was Tom’s father figure; he taught Tom how to read and
speak Latin. As it happened the son of King Edward longed for a life
of freedom and normality. Tom Chanty met the prince, when a palace
guard pushed him down, the prince didn’t think that was how his
subjects should be treated and he was invited in. The prince decided
that they should change roles, they realised that they looked alike,
and that is how the story began.

They both had different experiences; Tom was astounded by the busy
life and the grandeur at the palace. While Edward had no shoes, and
had to walk on the bare ground, people thought he was going crazy,
because this poor beggar boy claimed to be prince.

‘Go to your teacher and tell him to come here. Tell him that Prince
Edward orders him to come.’

They laughed and called him mad boy; they picked him up and threw him
in dirty water. The Prince started to miss his old life, he ordered
Tom’s father to take him to the palace.

‘I’m the prince. Your son is in Westminster Palace. Take me there and
bring him home.’

When at last Tom went to bed, he wished he could go and be with his

‘The clothes are beautiful and it’s a beautiful house, and the food is
nice, but I don’t like being prince. I wish I could go back to Pudding
Lane and play with the other boys and swim in the river.’

The story teaches many lessons and morals, Edward was judged by his
outer appearance and nobody listened to him. The importance of image,
and how you present yourself. When the prince stood inside the
palace, in Tom’s clothes he ordered the guards to open the gate. As
soon as he walked past the guards, they hit him on the head....

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