The Princess Is In The Dungeon

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Strolling down through everyday buildings with shadows that creep at every corner terrors, not knowing for a split second a dilemma could appear. Whether this dilemma can be a test against the skeletons of a dragon, or confronting the ogre who holds a book. Continuing through various ways and expecting one thing out of the ordinary, till that one day. The day where the call for help appears. The feeling that wells up in one's heart, almost feeling as though it could explode at any second. The unexplainable feeling that appears in the direction of one's line of sight. At that given time, an obnoxiously beautiful maiden appears. Though only one problem . . . a shadowy figure drags them off into the unknown crypt.
Fears are those that binds one from moving forward another inch. This unknown force always seems to slip away. Yet, the only thing to remember, the crazy feeling of a beating heart. Picking up the sword and red crossed shield, forward is the only answer.
Crossing the dwelling corner, grants another look upon the fair maidens, pure white, skin. Reaching off into the distance with a gallant run, the hands couldn't meet. Only the meeting of a grand, ferocious, green dragon appears. With sword in hand, and a shield that becomes the aegis against fire, the battle commences. One great breath of fire, blocked by the outstanding shield. The strength of the dragon raises the fear to separate from the shields protection. But after much time, the shield creates the diversion to leap high in the air. With a single slash, severs the dragons head from it's body, ending the one year battle. Sheathing the sword with a ninja like front flip to the ground, paper flowers sprawl out of the dragon. Wiping a petal or two, moving ahead becomes the next position. Beyond the dark shadows, the maidens hands meet for only a second. The maiden then slips out even further.
A trap door appears above, sucking the unfortunate into it's depths. Down below, a skeleton robed in black awaits. Carrying a scythe, death approaches. Shield in hand, no cuts, no clash, no bash can effect. With a sword in the other,...

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