The Principal Approach To Perception Of Self And Others & What Can Assist Someone To Be A Qualified Manager

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The principal approach to Perception of self and others & what can assist someone to be a qualified managerEveryone has his own world, his unique way to understand and evaluate the environment and the people within it. 'The situation may be the same but the interpretation of that situation by two individuals may be vastly different.'(Mullins, 1999, P.377)No two individuals can perceive the same thing in the same way. For example, a new established golf course is considered to be a perfect exercise place by one golf fan, but probably viewed as illegal demolition of natural environment by another. The physical environment is surely the same, but through each person's unique perception process, he has established his own understanding and interpretation of the environment and others. Personal perception influences major attitudes towards objects and other people.Perception of self and othersArnold makes such a definition on person perception in his book: 'Person perception concerns how we obtain, store and recall information about other people in order to make judgements about them'.¡]Arnold, 1998, p.274¡^. That's to say, we put a variety of information together about other people through a set of mental complex processes, and draw our conclusions.'Perception is a complex process by which people select, organise and interpret sensory stimulation into a meaningful picture of the world' (Arnold, 1995, P.263)The general perceptual process can be divided into 3 stages.'First of all, the first stage in the process of perception is selection and attention.' (Mullins, 1999, P.378).The person will process information and receive the stimuli from the environment such as sight, sound, smell, taste etc. But each person has his physical limits. It is impossible for an individual to surpass the limits to attend everything in his environment, so he has to learn to be selective to certain stimuli. 'And there are two important factors to be considered: first, internal factors relating to the state of the individual such as personality, learning and motives. Second, the environment and influences external to the individual such as a given situation or previous experience. The process of perceptual selection is based on both internal and external factors. Furthermore, the second stage of perceptual process is to organize and arrange the stimuli individuals receive. Finally, the information is interpreted and translated to make it logical and meaningful to the individual. '(Mullins, 1999, P.379).But the principal inaccuracy of individual perception lies in implicit personality, stereotyping, selective perception, first impression, etc.Stereotypes are generalizations of the positive or negative characteristics to a person in a specific social group. (Mullin, 1999, P.396) Obviously; the perception of that person is mainly based on nationality, sex, occupation and age, etc. For example, French people are all romantic and imaginative. The tendency for...

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