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The Principles Of Non Linear Digital Editing

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The Principles of Non-linear Digital Editing

In this report I am going to be explaining the principles of
non-linear digital editing, including information on the history of
editing, and the purpose of editing using software. I will also be
explaining the advantages and disadvantages of digital editing and
what should be expected from a well-editing video.

The very first films were not edited at all, they consisted of one
single shot and they were usually very short. An example of this was a
French film from 1898 called 'L'Arrosseur Arrosséé which was a very
short comedy which lasted 1 minute. Around the same time as this the
Edison company made a number of short films exposing the possibilities
of the new mediums. One of these particular movies was is 'Fred Ott's
Sneeze'. Tom Edison was an American inventor at the time, he invented
the light bulb, gramophone and moving pictures in film. Fred Otts was
one of Edison's employees. 'Fred Otts Sneeze' lasted 15 seconds and no
editing was used.

The first film to use editing was 'Rescued by rover' in 1905. This was
a story about a man that is saved from drowning in a lake by his
faithful dog. The edited used on this film was the basic cutting the
film with scissors and joining the parts with glue, this is still used
for cinema films.

Before the mid 90s domestic company computers were not powerful enough
to do video editing. A TV picture was 25 still pictures every second.
Each of these pictures was made up of 625 lines. Each one of these
frames takes one megabyte memory, therefore for it to be possible for
computers to support this they need to have plenty of disk space and

One form of editing used by all films and TV is continuity editing.
Continuity editing refers to arranging the sequence of shots to
suggest a progression of events. The purpose of it is to make the
finished piece appear realistic to the audience.

Non-linear digital editing is a recent form of editing that differs in
one way from traditional in the way that it can be done on a computer
with the appropriate software.

Non linear basically means...

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