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The Principles That Run Modern Day America

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I once asked my uncle what was the difference between Democrats and Republicans. He looked at me with a straight face and told me that there is no difference. I then asked him how do people know whom to vote for then. He said, “They don’t”. As Paul Goren perceives, “Citizens rely heavily on partisanship and core principles ton construct their policy preferences, to guide their evaluations of public officials” (881). Democrats and Republicans both want our country to flourish, but they have different ideas on how to accomplish this goal. These different beliefs are especially prominent when it comes to tax policy, education, and gay rights.
They both want to lead America to prosperity despite the various economic and social differences between each party.
Republicans believe in a “free-market economy” (Republican National Committee). They object to policies that allow the federal government to be “in control of industry and allow it to pick winners and losers in the marketplace” (Republican National Committee). They also believe in a tax policy that means lower tax rates for all income classes. As Sudhir Sen observes during Ronald Reagan’s presidency, “They (Republicans) also made a further pledge to continue their efforts to lower tax rates” (1823). Ronald Reagan was a Republican president who famously embraced tax cuts for everyone. Even when there were budget deficits during his presidency, he opposed all tax increases. Reagan once said that he would never interfere in the federal-tax deductibility of mortgage payments because it would “impede the realization of the American dream of owning a family home (SOURCE FROM SUDHIR SEN). Reagan also during his administration passed the “25 per cent tax cut of 1981” (SOURCE FROM SUDHIR SEN). Reagan’s administration in 1985 had the “tax code indexed so that personal tax exemption was adjusted annually for inflation” (SOURCE FROM SUDHIR SEN). Reagan upheld Republican values to the core during his presidency. His presidency is now looked at in current times as the model for all future Republican Presidents to follow.
Democrats believe that the government should play a large role in the economy. They believe that tax breaks should be given to companies that are “insourcing” or “bringing jobs from overseas back” (Democratic National Committee). Democrats also want to cut tax breaks for companies that outsource. They also support bringing down the corporate tax rate. Additionally, they want to close the gaps in the tax code that big businesses and corporations often take advantage of. Because Democrats believe economic growth starts from the middle class, they support tax cuts for small businesses. Furthermore, they believe the affluent should pay higher tax rates. They want the Bush tax cuts for the rich to terminate so the rich “pay their fair share” (Democratic National Committee). These party beliefs are put into practice as President Obama has cut taxes on middle class families...

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