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The Prison System And Health Care Costs

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Another issue facing California citizens are the tax increases every year, the money is not going to the correct funding, since we do not choose that but legislators and the governor of the state. California will pay more than $50 million to treat inmates this year according to the data from the federal receiver who oversees California prison healthcare. (Jack Dallan). Most of that money is also for opportunities for inmates that qualify for Parole and for incapacitation.

The problem with the prison system budget in California is that health care money is “missing out” on several million dollars a year in federal funding. Another problem stating this issue is that around 35 counties through California refuse to accept funding from the states. $13 million dollars is missing (Blake Bunch). It is important to know where the budget or the money is going, because the prison or jail system is no providing health care to the inmates.
Governor Brown believe the state spends too much ...view middle of the document...

Many inmates are dying do to medical attention been neglected. To determine whether the additional expansion of telemedicine is cost effective within the California correctional system, Health Care Services should further analyze the cost effectiveness of telemedicine through a more robust estimate of savings. Telemedicine is a rapidly developing application of clinical medicine where medical information is transferred through the phone or the Internet and sometimes other networks for the purpose of consulting, and sometimes remote medical
To better communicate to policy makers the annual cost of incarceration, and to provide a more accurate estimate of expenditures associated with changes in the large leave balances of custody staff—many of whom require relief coverage when they are absent—Corrections should provide the following as supplemental information to the relevant legislative policy and fiscal committees: (Jacke Dalan).
I believe is is too much money spend in the prison system overall, every government agency is very disorganize to my understand and it does not surprise me that millions of dollars are missing from the budget. There are so many politicians appointed to governmental positions that do not have the knowledge of what they are doing, it involves the personnel in charge of the funding, the state, the city, the county, the governor to mention a few. The prison system is very dysfunctional because of the rules and regulations, and also the health care or medical for inmates is very high. The government and legislators knows how they move the money around all this agencies. It is very ridiculous the amounts of money they charge per inmate.
They should also pay close attention to expand the telemedicine to save money, this way the prison system will not be spending money on transportation, and all the challenges it takes to move an inmate from one place to another. If they continue paying to much attention on the prison system, legislators and lawmakers will start building hospitals inside of prisons. There is many people dying due to the neglection inmates received on a daily basis.

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