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The Prisoner Essay

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Arai still had not come home from school. It was 8 pm. Arai didn’t usually come home at night without telling me. I've tried contacting her teachers and friends, but all said that she had come home from a few hours ago. I also had tried to call her cell phone, but it was not active.
"Arai," I said quietly. I didn’t know how many times I mentioned her name, but the owner never appeared.
My worries peaked. It was almost midnight but she still had not come. I felt really bad. My heart was fluttering uncontrolledably. What happened to Arai actually? I have no courage to call the police, because I was worried they would not give much help. "Later, when it is really fatal,” I thought.
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My face crumpled, shapeless. I could not focus on my work. I did not care about anything. My mind was only focused on Arai.
“Where is she now? What was she doing? With whom?” I kept thinking in my mind. Too many questions stuck in my mind and that was all about Arai.
“God, please don’t let me feel this feeling for twice. I had suffering all the time when father passed away and now, You want me to feel it again? How cruel You are.” There was nothing I can do except blamed it all to God. I could not think straight. Restlessness, abysmally, that was all I felt.
Not long after, my handphone suddenly vibrated. Named Shalkar, my high school friend who now had been a police, was on my mobile phone screen.
“Shalkar, do you find any information about Arai?” I shouted.
“Aldiyar, I think, I find someone who looks like with her. Come on, go to my office and I will accompany you to her place,” Shalkar said.
“Okay, I’ll go there, now!” I immediately hung my phone up.
In fifteen minutes I arrived in Shalkar’s office and he hurriedly up drove me to the place where Arai stayed. Thirty minutes later we arrived at the building that...

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