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The Personal Digital Assistant (Pda) Essay

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Your Right-hand-man is in your Palm

In the 1980s no one who was anyone, went anywhere, without his or her Filofax. The end of the 1990s had replaced it by its digital equivalent - the Personal Digital Assistant (PDA). A PDA is effectively a handheld PC, capable of handling all the normal tasks of its leather-bound ancestor - address book, notepad, appointments diary and phone list. Most PDAs offer many more applications besides, such as spreadsheet, word processor, database, financial management software, clock, calculator and games. PC users have the ability to transfer data between the handheld device and a desktop PC and to convert data to and from existing organizer applications. They also achieve connectivity either via an infrared port or a special docking station.

Because of their size, entering data into a PDA requires either a tiny keyboard or some form of handwriting recognition system. They're too small for touch-typing. This relies on a touch-screen display and a simplified alphabet - which takes about 20 minutes to learn - for data entry. Typically, PDAs with the Graffiti system provide the option to write directly onto the display which translates the input into text, or to open up a dedicated writing space which also provides on-line examples and help.

I have been contemplating about purchasing a PDA and I’ve been to every store in town and all over the internet, to come up with a Top 5 PDAs & Handhelds according to Microsoft computers, makers of handheld programs. Commonly, most of them contain 8MB (megabytes) of installed memory. New, these hot items are moderately expensive. Starting around $299, they can climb close to $1000.

1. Palm Vx
2. Palm m505
3. Compaq iPAQ H3670
4. Sony CLIE PEG-S320
5. Palm IIIc

Palm VX
Add business, financial, language and travel, time and expense or custom applications. It can even track your golf scores. The backlit LCD screen lets you see all that information with razor sharp clarity. The long-life battery lets you take it on the road for weeks. The Palm Vx connected organizer has enough memory to hold everything you want to pack into it including calendars, address books, to do lists, expense items, memos and e-mail messages. All of which are instantly available with a tap on the screen.

Palm m505
This expandable, Internet-capable Palm m505 handheld...

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