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The Private Prison Industry In America Mercer County Community College/English 102 Research Paper

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Malik 5
Shahzeb Malik
Professor Johnson
ENG 102
December 6, 2016
Research Paper Final Draft
The Prison Industry: Private Big Business Industry Cycle of Profit
In the movie, 13TH, director Ava DuVernay makes it very coherent that the prison system in the United States is backed by a financial incentive through the privatization of prisons and has made the need to keep prisons full with the use of lawmakers and politicians, who are being supported whether it be in their runs for office or a bill or law that they would benefit from, strictly for profit gain and not to protect or rehabilitate the streets in any way at all. Although this is paper not a report and is supposed to be a research paper, most of the facts from this documentary cannot go without being spoken about. From what I have gathered, the whole point of director Ava DuVernay's documentary is to discuss mass black incarceration and the idea of modern-day slavery. Following a timeline from the moment the 13th Amendment was ratified to the 2016 presidential election, it discusses the various ways policy makers and the 13th Amendment allows for a form of slavery to continue to exist mainly, in our prison systems; an actual term was coined for this, “contemporary slavery”.
This paper looks at what needs to be done to remove “contemporary slavery” from our society by removing private prisons and the incentive to increase the number of people who are currently unjustifiably incarcerated for longer than the debt they “owe” to society and what it will take keep and maintain justice. The central argument here is that we need to focus on the real reasons why the massive black and minority population are in prison and the solution to this problem starts with removing harsh drug laws, also famously know as “the war on drugs”, and replacing them with rehabilitative solutions, removing mandatory minimum sentences, and removing corporation from law thus removing the financial incentive driving the want and need for the prison population to increase. Comment by Shahzeb Malik: thesis
The 1:100 Ratio Introduced by the Reagan Administration
The Nixon Administration first introduced this “war on drugs” which after watching 13TH, it is very clear that this “war” was used to incarcerate the black and minority population as a sort of modern day slavery you can say. In a scene from the movie 13TH, there is an excerpt from an interview with President Nixon in which he states, “We need total war in the United States, against the evils that we see in our cities… Against public enemy number one, dangerous drugs.” (13TH) After this excerpt there is a cut to an interview with Bryan Stevenson who goes on to say, “A war on drugs. And that utterance gave birth to this era, where we decided to deal with drug addiction and drug dependency as a crime issue rather than a health issue. Hundreds of thousands of people were being sent to jails and prisons for simple possession of marijuana, for low level...

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