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The Problem About Using Sex In Advertisements

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Advertising is an important form of communication between products and customers. How to get viewers’ attention is first thing need to consider for advertising. Sexual appeal is become very useful tool in advertising, and it use is increasing. The sex appeal has a very long history, the first sex appeal advertising was introduced in 1911 by Woodbury’s Facial Soap (Campaign,2014). Once this advertising is released it has caused an enormous controversy, it is considered so risqué and inappropriate by several readers, even their cancelled their subscriptions to the magazine immediately (O’Barr,2011) . However, by today’s sexually liberated standards, this advertising already is positively ...view middle of the document...

Belch & Belch (2007) said that sex is a means to “gain consumers’ attention”. Relative to non-sexual appeal advertising, sex as a basic biological instincts use in advertising will easy to attention grabbling, likeable, effect inducing and memorable (Severn,Belch & Belch,1990). This issue essay will try to find different writers’ opinion to discuss the answer about why the advertising need use sexual appeal? Sex in advertising actually work? Moreover, whether or not it is ethical to use sexual appeal appeals in advertising?

5. Literature Review

Nowadays, sex appeal is essential element for advertising; sex is everywhere that has been becomes the media constant companion. Sexual in advertising has many types such as nudity, sexual behavior, physical attractiveness, sexual referents and sexual embeds that make sex is exist in advertising across many forms (Reichert & Lambiase, 2003). Therefore, Reichert (2007) state that sex in advertising has been defined as advertising tool for a wide variety of products that use sexuality in the form of nudity, sexual imagery, innuendo, and double entendre. Shahid as cited in Reichert (2007) said that sex in advertising really works in some products, at least for advertisers like Calvin kelvin, Dolce & Gabbana and Victoria’s Secret. They are successful through use erotic appeals to get commercial success. A message if want has opportunity to influence viewers, at least let their seen or heard, use sexual in advertising is effective approach, therefore, sex used in advertisings primarily to attract attention to the advertising (Reichert,2007;O’Barr,2011再找2个) . Sex in advertising is one of most popular and the most effective tactic to get people’s attention. The reason is it inspired the biological needs for every human that causing involuntary notice. Sex appeal can make viewer to stay longer then enhance they remember about brand and main message points (Price, 2002; Fang, Hong ,& Jianyao, 2009;Saswant,2010; Blair,Stephenson,Hill & Green,2006;Reichert,Heckler & Jackson, 2001).
On the other hand, Sexy stimulus distracts the consumer and no counterarguments are initiated, sexually-oriented advertising will let consumer remember less about the advertising. Sexual content attraction will easily overshadow the intended brand and communications (Danielenko,1974; Reichert & Fosu,2005; Grazer & Keesling, 1995). Moreover, there’s a lot of controversy about ethical problem regarding the use of erotic advertisements in marketing. Different culture cause different acceptable degrees of sex, the “culture” has a wide range that include knowledge, beliefs, art, law, morality and customs, capabilities, and habits of humans as members of society (Sawang, 2010; Fang, Hong ,& Jianyao, 2009; MillwardBrown,2008). Moreover, women’s reaction is other than men, they often have negative reaction to sexual content in advertising. Dahl, Sengupta & Vohs (2009);Goodrich (2014); Bratu(2013) suggests that men and women have different...

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