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The Problem Between Science And Religion

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Science and religion have always been in opposing viewpoints, historically. Science has a mentality that is based off of knowledge, observation, and experimentation. However, religion has no factual proof of anything, it is solely based off of faith and feelings. The problem between these two subjects is that one has factual evidence and one does not. Science is able to explain the laws of gravity - if an item is dropped it will fall. Religion is able to explain a single persons experience with a supernatural being. Whereas science has laws of nature in which everything follows, religion deals with everything outside of these laws of nature. Therefore, it is understood that with science’s ...view middle of the document...

These observable facts are tangible, measurable, and repeatable.” A theory, however, is a testable assumption, however is not technically accurate. (Life’s Big Quesetions) According to LBQ, the development of the Big Bang theory was primarily based upon four known facts. This first known observable fact is known as the red shift; this shift has indicated that the light source is moving away from us – thus the universe is expanding. Also, it is believed that the Big Bang explosion has left remnants of background radiation. And scientists realized that if the universe is expanding in all directions, following the Big Bang, that the galaxies would also be evenly distributed through space. Scientists are then able to make assumptions based upon these facts, such as – “Nothing has ever happened to change the physical laws that we know today”, “These laws are consistent and the same throughout the whole of the universe”, and “The red shift is caused by the light source moving away from us.” Combing these three assumptions with the observable facts, it becomes known that if our universe is expanding then everything can be traced back to a single point in time in which it all started – which is known as the Big Bang Theory. (Life’s Big Questions) From this standpoint, science brings facts and religion brings creationism. In the book of Genesis it reads, “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” He then instructed light, separated it from darkness, separated sea from sky, brought forth vegetation, creatures, and man – all in the course of seven days. This is the first book of the Bible and already it is based upon something that has factually proven otherwise. With the help of science, religious viewers have been able to neglect the literal interpretation of the Bible and instead use it as an everyday guide in “doing the right thing”.
According to the Biblical story in Genesis 6-9, around 4,400 years ago, God advised Noah and his family to build an ark in preparation of a great flood. God then called on two of every animal, and they all boarded the ark. It rained for forty constant days, which caused the whole earth to be completely flooded – even past the highest mountains. After the passing of several months, God allowed the waters to be subsided and the ark settled onto the Mountains of Ararat. However, science proves many things to be ultimately impossible within this story. According to Mallowan’s article, this Old Testament story was primarily used for pointing to a moral: “that God set out to punish man for his incorringible sins, but that he saved one family which was innocent, and that after the Flood a Covenant was made promising that the earth would never again be visited by such a catastrophe.”(Mallowan) Simply because, this flood derived from the Old Testament could never have actually happened. Mallowan first discredits the ancient story with the disbelief of the boat itself. According to an abundance of sources,...

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