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The Issue Of Bullying Essay

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Not only is it already hard to be a teenager, but having to deal with constant teasing and harassment is just something no one needs. There is a point in life where bullying can become so terrifying that students will rather stay at home than have to face their bully. Darnell “Dynasty” Young is a 17 year old gay teen who has gone through every possible way to stop his bullies from harassing him. His mother has tried everything but hasn’t been able to put a stop to it. Until one day, Young’s mother bought Darnell a stun gun. His mother told him to bring it to school and when the bullies began to torment him to take it out. He did just that, he did not actually shoot anyone he just waved it up in the air to intimidate his bullies. He not only got suspended but he also got arrested, yet the six boys teasing him and calling him names received no punishment whatsoever. (CNN) Young is one of the many kids that go through this type of abuse in a place where they should feel safe. This is an example of the school failing to do anything to prevent this kind of behavior, even after the parents try to intervene. This is also a great example of parents failing to implement high behavior standards by enforcing them to retaliate. Parents should be there to advice a peaceful way of resolving this in a non violent way not give them the weapon. By implementing prevention programs such as activities that help fight bullying can ultimately lead to the end of this horrific thing some kids face each day.

Over the last decade, bullying has really been a worldwide issue. Bullying is affecting children all over the world and has grown into a huge epidemic. According to the National Education Association, “160,000 kids stay home from school each day to avoid torment.” (Brown, 1) Bullying comes in many different forms, from physical to verbal, from calling names to ripping clothes, from abusing them in person to doing it through cyberspace. They are all hurtful and some lead to kids taking their own life because it has come to a point where they can’t face it any longer. With out the help of schools, parents, anti-bullying programs, and peers it is hard to try to even tackle this epidemic. There are ways to put an end to this horrible behavior like conduct a parental awareness campaigns via the internet, newspaper or by parent-teacher conference. Another way is by having intervention for both the bullies and the victims so that they both have someone to talk to. (Colleen 2)

In order to know how bullying affects kids all over the world one must first define bullying. “Bullying is comprised of direct behavior such as teasing, taunting, threatening, hitting, and stealing that are initiated by one or more students against a victim.” (Banks 1) Bullying is everywhere and for some it’s too much to the point they can’t handle it anymore. Girls tend to socially isolate other kids as a form of popularity. The least popular kids mostly girls, in this case, are usually picked on...

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