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The Problem Of Bullying Essay

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Bullying does not have a standard definition. Bullying can be anything from calling someone else names, beating them up just for the fun of it, to texting or messaging them on the internet or any mobile device. Any person can be the victim of bullying, not just children. Bullying causes many issues, physically, emotionally, and mentally, not only for the victim, but for their entire families as well. Bullies have many different reasons as to why they start bullying someone else. The actions done to the victim leaves them with only a few options on how to stop being bullied. How they handle it is always different.

There are four different types of bullying. These are physical, verbal, indirect, and cyber bullying. Physical bullying includes any type of physical contact towards another person that is unwanted, such as hitting, kicking, pinching, punching, even spitting. Breaking others possessions or simply taking their belongings are also examples of physical bullying. When the parents physically abuse children, they often feel as if it is their fault they are being knocked around. If the child has no one to talk to, or no one to tell, the physical abuse can go on for years and cause multiple problems for the child, even in their adult years.

Verbal bullying includes calling someone out of their name, making jokes about their race, age, or gender, teasing someone else about being different, or using sexual or offensive statements about the victim or their families. Even if you tell someone a joke that you think is funny, if it targets the person you are telling, or if the other person is in earshot, it can be considered as bullying and you can get in trouble. Thinking before you tell jokes, or even a little white lie about someone, is often the best way to prevent yourself from being called a bully.

Indirect bullying is the type of bullying that takes place when someone starts false rumors about someone else. This can happen in school, or even in a church style setting. Indirect bullying can happen anywhere that people go. This even includes restaurants and bars. People who bully others are everywhere we are. Indirect bullying can also be not letting someone join in your social groups, or sending things such as “hate mail”. If you treat someone differently and do not involve them in your social activities, you can be considered as an indirect bully.

Other than physical bullying, one of the most common types of bullying is cyber bullying. This can take place anywhere in the world, and anyone can be targeted. It can be done from the privacy of your own home. Cyber bullying consists of things like sending mean text messages to someone, sending e-mails to someone that has been targeted, or even just forwarding a message they received from the victim to everyone they know. There are more forms of cyber bullying than any other type of bullying. Instant messaging is also a form of cyber bullying. People can pretend they are anyone on the...

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