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The Problem Of Human Trafficking Essay

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Human trafficking is defined as the selling of humans, or their use, without their approval or consent. Every year, 200,000 people are consumed as victims of the crime. In the United States, it holds the second highest crime rating, next to drugs (Archer, 2013). This crime should be put to an end, but unfortunately, there have been few solutions proposed. One solution to this problem is to raise awareness and request that it be reported whenever the crime is seen. Human trafficking in America should be able to be put to an end, but the extremely high rates of the crime in America are left to prove that this infraction still affects numerous amounts of victims.
Much of the public is generally uninformed about the realistic crime ratings of human trafficking in America. Human trafficking is consistently synonymous with the assumption of sex slavery, generally in third-world countries. The unfortunate reality is that human trafficking includes sex, forced labor, slavery, servitude and forced organ donation. Third-world countries are not the only places that are affected by this horrid crime. Human trafficking is a definite problem in the United States because of it’s large number of prisoners and areas effected, along with the horrible effects it leaves upon it’s victims.
This frightening truth of Human Trafficking occurs in many places, usually high packed. One of the most packed places that this is most likely to happen in is the Super Bowl. In 2011,133 underage arrests took place at the Super Bowl stadium in Dallas. It is estimated that 10,000 prostitutes were there in total (Goldberg, 2013). The Super Bowl holds many positive memories for people, but for victims of human trafficking, it is looked at as a torture chamber
One solution that could possibly assist resolving this problem would be raising awareness of the crime. When more people know about crime ratings, they are generally more inclined into fighting for the victims. The more that people know, the more they are able to help. Without knowing the statistics and exactly how many people this crime involves, they may not believe that it is a crime worth the attention. On the other hand, there is a chance that is taken that not everyone will believe the facts presented to them, but the realistic setting and information can be hard to disagree with because of all the trustworthy sources they are derived from.
In Archer’s post to the Phycology Today webpage (2013), he described that human trafficking holds the second highest crime ratings in America and disrupts many young girls’ lives every day. Pimps trick girls to come with them and cause this raging problem to happen. Knowledge is power and people should not be in denial that this is happening. His brief explanation opens people’s eyes to behind the scenes of one of the largest crimes in the world. It explains how it generally occurs and the thought behind the victims being sucked into this reality.
Another possible solution would...

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