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The Problem Of Illegal Immigration Essay

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Illegal immigration is a violation of the immigration laws of the country by illegally crossing the national borders (Taylor, 2007). Migrants should move to another country according to official rules and others, who cannot follow laws, do it illegally. Some people prefer to call them "undocumented immigrant" instead of "illegal immigrant", but, essence remains the same. Like any social phenomenon, illegal immigration is not taken out of nowhere. Continuous influx of illegal immigrants has its causes which affect different mechanisms of particular society. According to Shermer (2008) the most common reason is the economic backwardness of "suppliers" of immigrants. The level of wages depends on the level of the economy in the country. Illegal immigrants have prime motivation to cross the border. There is a significant number of employers willing to hire undocumented immigrants for higher wages than they would normally receive in their former country (Kaplan, 2007). In addition to this there is one more possible cause. It is an attempt of an illegal alien to avoid criminal liability. Each country creates own set of laws. People who violate the law are liable to civil or criminal liability. Isascon and Meyer (2012) argue that among them are criminals who want to avoid punishment by any possible way. One of the variants, which they choose, is to run away to another country without official permission on it. Illegal immigrants contain a vast category of people, who affects citizens, especially low skilled labor and taxpayers. The problem influences people by different ways, thus it poses several effects. According to Abishev (2012) first bad effect of illegal immigration is that migrants break the housing law by resettlement housing dwelling. As aliens move from poorer countries, it is hard for them to afford individual apartment. Due to this reason, they come together and live in apartments exceeding two to three times the allotted number of tenants According...

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