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The Problem Of Light Pollution Essay

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How can new approaches in design reduce the problem of light pollution?

Jessica Liu
Due date: 30/10/2013

Research question
How can new approaches in design reduce the problem of light pollution?

In most situations, light helps us see. But when it comes to looking at the night sky, light is actually a kind of pollution. Light pollution is the pollution caused by misplaced artificial light. It is a rapidly increasing environmental problem. In the urban landscape that we live in, light pollution can have implications for the visual environment, affects human health, creates energy waste and results in undesirable economic consequences. There are a lot of advertising lights on the street. For example unordered set LED advertising plaque, landing light boxes bring the occupation of urban roads, and landing light box advertising special treatment. While some light is unavoidably reflected upward from illuminated surfaces, much of it spills outside the area that it is meant to illuminate creating glare, light-trespass and skyglow.

Theoretical framework
According to Bonsiepe G (2006), he argues that globalisation also produces increased environmental degradation because of capitalism’s over-production. The expansionist drive of capitalism treats resources as ever abundant, if not inexhaustible, and sees pollution as an unimportant bi-product. He explains that the design is behind such products which contribute to this so called light pollution. It is evident that he is trying to make us realise through his ideals in order for our environment to change, it will need further change from society in order to slowly prevent further use of by-products hence diminishing the use of resources contributing to pollution. Bonsiepe draws a fundamental distinction between the role of the designer, who attempts to improve the human environment, and the artist who demonstrates the world’s effect on the individual. Bonsiepe’s contends that design must be responsible for “the quality of use of artefacts and information” in the context of globalisation, particularly the effect of design on the environment. If society were to react more into the effects grant it be towards such advertising, design and how information is portrayed to us we may definitely stand a chance into implementing. Bonsiepe's effect of design on the environment and alter such effects or methods used to cause light pollution.

Cultural Probe
According to Bill Gaver, Anthony Dunne and Elena Pacenti (Gaver 2004 p56), cultural probes are provocative instruments given to participants to inspire new forms of self-understanding and communication about their lives, environments, thoughts and interactions. As an exploratory research method, cultural probes are not intended to be formally analyzed, but rather to serve as inspirational pieces identifying key patterns and themes that might emerge from a participant group or culture. Cultural probes...

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