The Problem Of Stray Animals And Its Effects On Humans

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1. Introduction

Human beings, ever since its creation has never been alone on the earth. As we all know we share this planet with lots of different species of living creatures, such as animals, and plants. But even though we name ourselves the superior species due to our ability to think, make decisions and choose how we want to live our lives, we start to grow. Our growth ranges among many different aspects, such as infrastructure and lifestyle. This led to us somehow neglecting the fact that we are not alone in this planet. We start pushing other species out of the way, and we sometimes don’t realize that the impact felt by those other species has terrible and sometimes deadly consequences, and also we sometimes fail to understand that it can also cause harm to us.

In this report, we want to lead people to realize about the problem of stray animals and its effects on human beings, and how we can save them. We are going to explain about what experts have to say about this problem, what they think the solutions are, and also how better animal lives can benefit human beings.

1.1 Methodology

To be able to come up with facts to support our claims and the topic related,
we must be able to find out information by conducting research. Research is the most important component to provide us with facts and answers. Our research is distinguished into two parts, primary research and secondary research. The primary research consist of a survey we conducted by asking people to fill up an online questionnaire to gain information about how people would normally react to this problem of stray animals. The other research method is the secondary research, this consist of going through the internet for information on the related topic, and reading book related to the topic. We mainly used the internet for information gathering, because the internet houses the biggest amount of information that we can use.

For our primary research, we went to set up a questionnaire given to people of different age groups and genders. We used this method to be able to gain as many information as possible without prioritizing a certain group of people.

2. Objectives

This report was put together with the hope that we can raise people’s awareness about the state of stray animals living among us, and how we can help people to understand about how they can help to reduce the number of stray animals. We expect people to understand that this is a serious problem with serious consequences, where if left unsolved, would accumulate and cause serious harm to us mankind and also other animals. We think that by acquiring information and survey answers, we can convince people of different ages and genders to participate in helping stray animals, because we feel that the most important task to do is to educate people and let them know about the problem before they decide about what method they use to help solve the problem.

4. Secondary Research

“Stray and roaming dogs and cats are...

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