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The Problem Of Using Touch Screen Devices In Classrooms Instead Of Computers

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This literature review project examines research studies related to the problem of replacing computer in K12 education with touch screen devices. The project involves studies that show different results on engagement of the students in using different technologies.

Theory/ Rationale
Although there is not yet much empirical data on the relative benefits of touchscreen computers compared to desktop and laptop models, “learning theory suggests we can expect faster learning and greater knowledge transfer from learning on a touchscreen computer compared to one equipped with a keyboard and mouse” (Connell, 2012).
A couple of years ago education institutions were questioning whether or not computers could be a tool for learning and whether they should embrace it or not into their schools. Nowadays the use of computers has proven to be a great tool for educating students but with the new touch screen technology coming out many institutions does not know which technology is better to be used in their schools: computers or tablets (Piggott, 2011). These new devices are less expensive and more portable, yet some critics contend they’re not useful and are best for entertainment, not learning or work (Wylie, 2013). Touch screen devices are much cheaper and affordable and since educational institutions are always dealing with funding issues they might fall as a default into picking touch screen technology versus computers for their schools (Smith, 2013). The main question becomes is this a good choice?

A recent article posted by Brian Jensen on April 4, 2013 in Edudemic talks about Maine’s Auburn School District initiative in implemented a program that equipped all of its kindergarten students with an iPad. The results show that “9 of the 10 pre-reading tests given to students in the middle of the school year, the 129 students with iPads made larger gains than the 137 without them (half of the 16 kindergarten classes were randomly selected to receive tablets at the beginning of the year—the rest of the classes received them in December)”(2012). Kids that used touch screen devises did better in recognizing sound and writing letters.
Another recent study done by PBS KIDS that was funded by the Department of Education, looked at the link between learning, and the PBS Kids educational gaming app, Martha Speaks Dog Party. The study results were very exciting because “after children had used the app every day for two weeks, the vocabulary of Title 1 children between three and seven years old improved by as much as 31 percent” (2012).
The Abilene Christian University conducted a study focused on the Statistics 1 app. “Students used it in and out of the classroom and remarked that they understood the content better, and were more motivated to do well, when using the app”(2012). The students were more prepared and the educators were excited that their students were better prepared for classes.
Mobile learning has a very big...

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