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The Problem Of Global Warming Essay

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The Problem of Global Warming

Imagine you are placed into the future. The year is 2100. You begin to live in this
new world. You hear about huge storms over much of the USA that cause severe damage
and flooding. San Francisco, New York City, New Orleans, Seattle, and Miami all experience major flooding from the ocean level having risen so high. Thousands and thousands of people perish each summer across the USA alone—hundreds die in Chicago as the temperature soars to 100 for 2 weeks straight.

No, this isn’t total fantasy. These events all could occur. All of them could result from one thing—global warming. Global warming is a huge problem with many consequences that people don’t realize could occur. If we work together, though, we can stop them from happening. In this essay, I’ll tell you about global warming, its causes, and what we can do to help stop it.

First, global warming is fairly new--the talk of this problem is fairly recent, and so is the problem itself. For example, according to “Why Files,” from the University of Wisconsin website, “the global warming debate first heated up in the late 1980’s.” When you look at the attached graph, from “Meteorology Today,” you can see that temperatures have simply soared in the past century, especially in the last 25-30 years.

Due to dramatic increasing, global warming has become a very large problem as of the last few years. Temperatures have really increased. According to NOAA, the second warmest year on record in the world was 2001. In a “Why Files” report on global warming, it is said that “the 10 warmest years in the 150-year history of recorded temperatures have all occurred since 1983.” This means that 10 of the last 21 years have been in the list of the top 10 warmest years since record keeping began. So as you can see, the world is heating up. In the Europe heat wave of 2003, London reaches 100 degrees Fahrenheit for the first time EVER, and in France alone, nearly 30,000 people died. And recently in Antarctica, grass was actually seen! According to the Green Car Congress website, “scientists have reported that broad areas of grass are now forming turf where there were once ice-sheets and glaciers.” Never before was grass seen there Now, where are all of these sizzling temperatures coming from? In other words, why is the world warming? Global warming is occurring because of the EXPANSION of the greenhouse effect.
As a weather geek, I know personally that the greenhouse effects is caused by certain actions that release carbon dioxide into the air, resulting in more absorption of outgoing energy from the earth, and more reflection of this energy BACK to the surface, which keeps the surface warmer. Because more carbon dioxide is being put into the air, there is more absorption by the atmosphere and more reflection back to the surface, so the surface is getting warmer. Now, what actions are resulting in the expansion of the greenhouse effect?

Two main causes are burning...

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