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The Problem Solving Skills To Common Academic And Teenage Problems Of First Year Bs Accountancy Students Of De La Salle Lipa

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Adolescence is the very crucial stage of an individual’s personality. In this stage, a person may find a hard time looking for answers to problems and may be sensitive all the time. Studies may differ from before due to the eagerness of a teenager to feel free. In fact, 4,000 suicide incidents are recorded for ages 15 – 24 in the United States for the year 2004 and still counting in the present days (Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia). This just proves that adolescence was most stressful and pressurized stage of a human life.
All problems have their solutions. Teenagers should be equipped by problem solving skills that will implement better understanding of what life is for them. ...view middle of the document...

An accounting student should be the most analytic student above all for they will not be able to accomplish any academic problem if they will only rely on their mathematical ability. Problem solving skills are the best techniques that a student can improvise.

From the twenty-five first year students of DLSL that the researchers were able to give a survey, 1 out of twenty-five encountered financial problems and this means that accountancy doesn’t require much money. Mental problems were the most chosen problem of the students and this implies that not all students are well motivated. The brains of most students are over-powering their heart which causes low self-esteem and this is caused low academic performance even they really strive hard. Second to the highest chosen by students are Physical problems. This problem occurs when students are tired and felt like falling down and also when students lack of sleep due to the reason that they still have to finish assignments which a professional accountant should inherit. 8 students answered emotional problems meaning that they were easily feeling down when they haven’t accomplished their tasks. Only 2 rather chose other problems and stated that they were experiencing time pressure and difficulty of understanding lesson.

Another question stated in the survey was how students of accountancy in DLSL would rate themselves regarding problem analyzation. 9 out of twenty-five students rate themselves 7/10 in analyzing problems. 7 out of twenty-five students rate...

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